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1.6 release preparation
full ingame mouse support 1:1 ratio <3

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As a long time user of this software, I registered today to ask whether it would be possible to Save my setup in 1.7?

Currently I am using 1.5beta, and some games are much improved over previous builds, while others (Manhunt) refuse to run unless I jump through hoops. It would be so nice to be able to save the ini file when I get a combo of speedhacks, gamehacks, hardware hacks and environment to work perfectly. Sometimes, like God of War 2, I am playing with the speed hack and the interlace setting for ages to get full speed, and then when I play Burnout 3, I have to change all my settings again.

I guess, following on from this idea, how about a settings catalogue for each game, submitted by users with a 'contribute' button, and downloadable as games patches. This would mean I could download a selection of settings files for each game, and try them, instead of experimenting manually. It would also mean that I would have to log into the PCSX2 compatibility wiki for every second game I try, to get some idea of what settings I'm supposed to change.

Lastly, I'd like to request an idiots mode, where all the names are changed to reflect that they are e.g. EE becomes EmotEngine Rendering Speed, Clamping becomes Texture Fit Accuracy, Alpha becomes Shadows, Line Draw hack becomes Tearing Fix, Wild Arms becomes Text Align Fix, Skipdraw becomes Flickering/Broken Texture Fixer etc. I guess a list of games which these could fix could be included as a floating popup, but with the games settings database idea, this becomes unnecessary.

Hope this helps make a plug and plug emulator some day. Smile

Use Spectabis:
Alternatively, if you don't want to use a frontend, you can just copy your config files and use game-specific shortcuts to use those config files instead of your global config.
Thanks for the suggestions. I realised I could just save the .ini files each time and do it that way, but I cant bring myself to make command line shortcuts for all my 100s of games.

I tired spectabis and it reported I had an incorrect installation, because I have my bios and memory cards in a global folder instead of with the EXE. I tried to select my game folder and it did nothing, so I tried to drag in a game and edit the game settings via PCSX2 using the menu option, and it just crashed to desktop. I dont need the image of the game box, or a plain new frontend, as the PCSX2 GUI is good for me. But ePSXe has a save game profile option (.ppf) and an autoload, which saves a lot of time finding the 'perfect' setup.
uh nice to hear a new version is Coming out. I hope the Sepia Bug with Hardware Renderer in Suikoden 3 is Fixed.

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