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21st century Kratos
May contain spoilers of God of War 1.

By seeing the video titled " The Fate of The Titan " in the treasure of God of War I anticipated that after Kratos gets his revenge, there will be another God of War, but this time it will be in the 21st century.

What do you guys think of this one ?

regardless of if this will happen or not, how do you think it would be like ?

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Kratos holding two machine guns and running around like Chuck Norris.


(Im kidding of course)
Yeah, I saw that somewhere, for some reason the machine guns just don't look umm... Kratos-y.
it may have been just a spoof or somethin just don't take it seriosly yet
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Well,let's hope it's not!
I mean, Who doesn't want God of War to keep going on ?!

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