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3D-Games-Tridef software + Results on Laptop LCD (Crysis+Overlord2)!!

I found a link to a software that does the same operation as Nvidia 3D vision

Its called Tridef---->LINK

Of course like nvidia one of the requirements is to have a 120Hz refresh rate LCD..

I said what the heck....i will try it!! (the trial version)

For my surprise it worked (tried it on crysis and Overlord2) on my G50VT

---Not like nvidia driver that detects you dont have a 120Hz refresh rate and stops working (driver 191 moded inf)---

What happened that the modified games appeared in two version at the same time with slightly different angle (slightly red and slightly blue)....

1) Crysis (1280x800-DX9-LOWEST)

Here is the comparison pics:

[Image: crysis2009102213291104.th.jpg]

[Image: crysis64200910221327075.th.jpg] ---> [Image: crysis2009102213295630.th.jpg]

Youtube video:

-----------------> YouTube LINK

2) Overlord2 (1280x800-All High (highest settings with vsync)

Here is the comparison pics:

[Image: overlord220091022133336.th.jpg] --> [Image: overlord220091022133424.th.jpg]

Youtube video:

-----------------> YouTube LINK

FPS dropped from 40-50 to 35-40 which is still very playable Blink

There is also some other demos that come with the software....pics and others

The only thing left is to get the glasses

I want the two types (R&B glasses) + (Polarized glassis)

Does anyone know where to buy these??

But i think it will be unplayable because usually the 3D scenes divide the refresh rate by 2 (meaning i will have a 30Hz screen)

As you can see,im really interested in 3D and i believe my next laptop upgrade will depend on it!!

Peace, and tell me what do u think Wink

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Uh nvidia 3d vision doesnt stop if you dont have 120Hz they make tests to see if your glasses work for it, polarized glasses dont work for this types of software as far as I know and unless you have very good glasses this software as well as nvdidia's 3d vision will always look off, there's plenty places where you can get the glasses but what you need is glasses that will work great for it cause believe me slighty off looking and headache giving glasses are not worth it Tongue

Other than that this thread looks like a lame excuse for advertising but oh well Tongue
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Im not advertising anything

im just sharing my experience and if you notice im using a trial version

anyway thanks for the reply
I like my eyes thank you very much.
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(10-23-2009, 11:01 AM)Sythedragon Wrote: I like my eyes thank you very much.


You need 3D glasses for this to be 3D + watchable

not like this

wiki is you friend
Yes, but without the proper glasses/monitor, it will kill your eyes. Even then, it's still a big strain.
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that images look very bad,i imagine that if you play any of those games for 15 minutes then you will have to pay the doctor a visit,and explain to him why you cant see anymore !!!
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]

Google + Wiki + Howstuffwork = KnOwLedgE !!!!

Go watch at least one 3d movie and you will know what all this about

Weeeeeeeeeird people
i know how it works and my opinion is its overated, eyes hurt from it and it makes image less sharp.
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Maybe people here, much like myself, just don't give a *****.
Why not peddle your salesmanship on a place like NVNews ? Or Rage3D ?
This is, afterall, a PS2 emulator forum.
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