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60 fps codes
So I did have an interesting note regarding Raw Danger! at 60fps.

Raw Danger runs at a native 20 frames per second in its NTSC-U and NTSC-J versions. I've recently gotten my hands on the PAL version of Raw Danger, and I expected it to either run at 25 FPS and fast, or 16.7 FPS and slow. It turns out that despite my expectations, it somehow runs at 25 FPS and is slower than the normal game.

This can be seen in this gif:

If we turn emulation speed to 120% for the PAL version, we get a normal gamespeed while running at 30 frames per second:

This may mean that instead of manually changing a bunch of speed multipliers, there may be some sort of "magic bullet" that can be changed to affect the native game speed instead.

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I can attest that PAL does indeed run at a 30 FPS gamespeed, and NTSC-U does run at a 20 FPS gamespeed for Raw Danger.

The PAL 30FPS gif should be considerably more smooth than the NTSC-U 20FPS gif, while the games are running at the same speed, even if the gifs themselves run at 30FPS.

In addition, I do have more evidence. For example, Raw Danger has a float which basically controls how many frames of animation there are in a second, and typically (except for PAL) will match the target framerate. A lower value will cause animations to play slower, and a higher value will cause animations to play faster.

This value is strangely initialized to 60 before being set while the game is starting up. The code to set these values is similar between versions, but they have a distinct difference, as you can see in my attachment.

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