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64bit ps3 controller driver
I know the people over at motioninjoy have created one, but it requires disabling driver signing, and booting into test mode ect everytime. Wich is a security risk imo, and pretty much just a hassle, so would the driver be allowed to be signed?, and what does it require, money?

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have you seen this thread:
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(01-14-2010, 04:11 PM)cottonvibes Wrote: have you seen this thread:

I'm reading it now. The reply's to it seem varied. Have you tried it, can you confirm it works?

edit: Just saw that it require's you to enter test mode which i mentioned in the op, thanks anyway.
it was such a pain in the ass to do on x64, until someone makes a clean simple driver, i'm just sticking with 32bit
Instructions worked great for me on Vista 64, wasn't too hard at all. On a side note, you don't need to use sixaxis64.exe with pcsx2 if you use LilyPad. Just press the PS3 button when I'm listening for controller input when you have DS3 direct connect support enabled (I listen both in-game and after you click on one of the bind buttons).
ah well for vista and 7 i guess it's not bad... but i'm yet to see a driver for windows xp x64 Wink
64bit drivers can be officially signed just by getting a code signing certificate from a microsoft-trusted authority.

Anyhow, this thread is in no way related to pcsx2. Moved.
(01-14-2010, 07:28 PM)chuuey Wrote: ah well for vista and 7 i guess it's not bad... but i'm yet to see a driver for windows xp x64 Wink

Hrm...good luck with that. As far as I know, working drivers for XP 64 are hard to come by. I THINK those drivers are supposed to work with XP 64 as well, the directions are only for how Vista/Win7 are laid out.
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I personally struggled to get my PS3 remote working on X64, thus I just bought a PC gamepad.
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