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64bit windows has lower performance than 32 bit windows on my rig Help?
this has been a problem for a while now going back to xp 64 bit and continuing to windows 7 64 bit. whenever i run 64 bit windows i have about a 30% decrease in performance from everyday tasks like opening folders, internet browsing to PC gaming from MMOs to emulators.
I have been unable to figure out why.

The first time i tried 64bit was with my core 2 e4300 1.8ghz dual core and the intel classic series DG33bu mobo(not an amazing board i know but its what i got)(the rest of the specs dont matter since ive upgraded everything but the board since than) and had the performance loss.

Initially i thought it was the cpu even though it is 64bit capable so i upgraded for that and other reasons.

Now i have this:
Intel quad q9550 @2.83 ghz
4gigs of memory DDR2 @667
GTX 260 896 megs of ram
DG33bu intel classic series motherboard
Some random sound blaster sound card.

To the best of my knowledge this should run 64bit windows with no problems and indeed it does run it but much less responsive than in 32 bit. It can take up to 45 seconds for pages to load in 64bit that loat instantly in 32bit. downloads from the internet hang coonstantly or take way longer to complete(not speed wise itll get to like 96 percent and sit there for a couple minutes before either completing or sayling lost connection to host. this does not happen in 32 bit windows) This is using current firefox.

All drivers are up to date from intel directly.
One thing i can note about drivers is that intel is missing 1 driver for both 64bit and 32 bit windows but that driver is available from the vista section and windows 7 takes it without issues.

The only thing i can think of is its the motherboard since that is the only original piece from this computer i built about 3 years ago. But that doesnt quite make sense if it supports a 64 bit proccesor which it does why does it have issues processing 64 bit words.

I do want to upgrade the mother board as it lacks certain features I want but it is not within my power at the current time.

Any imput is appreciated as I would love to run 64 bit windows 7 as i have a copy of it since im an msdn member but its pointless if i get less performance than 32 bit, which absolutely doesnt make sense.
I have run 3d mark on both versions of windows with the current hardware and 64 bit always scores lower than 32 bit in the tests that it performs.
thanks in advance.

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