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A PC to play emulate all games in Fullspeed
Hey guys,

I plan to buy a new PC to emulate some games from me. At the beginning I planned 3570k (4.3Ghz OC) + GTX 660 TI OC, but on youtube I see some videos with some weak Hardware Phenom X4 965 + GTX 550 Ti + Fraps recording and it runs very smooth.
Now I reconfig it into 3570k (Stock) + GTX 660 OC (Non Ti). Do you think it is a good idea?

I read that the CPU is very important for emulating. PCSX2 use the GPU too, but I heard that the GPU is not so important like CPU. What do you think?

I planned to play some games like Kingdom Hearts 2, DBZ Tenkaichi 3, Final Fantasy X and Dragon Quest.
Some games on the Wii and GC, too Wink

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Sometimes the problem may be in the emulation itself and then the machine power is not enough to play every game out there (seek the compatibility if planning to play a less common game).

Indeed, the CPU is the most taxed in emulation... you know, actual PS2 games have very low resolution to start with, so most video cards are enough to play most games at "native" resolution. The upscale is a plus the emulator provides but is beyond the emulation itself.

That machine should play all those games without problem (I can't say about DBZ but the other there are sure thing).

Finally, Wii and GC are totally different things, games for these consoles will not play under PCSX2, of course. I know not emulators for any the two for I don't have the consoles. Anyway, the machine is good. You may need to use speedhacks in a few games but things will work in general.
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(11-25-2012, 07:30 PM)knightt Wrote: cpu and gpu is equal important

performance and saving money go for Amd FX processor 8150 8 core cpu(compare to 3rd gen i7) with Asus AMD motherboard(trust and reliable) and get GTX 660 oc( best price

amd going to have cpu instruction SSE5 in future soon
for you info SSE5

8core better than 4core

AMD cores are less powerful than Intel ones, so it's not always true that 8 is better than 4, moreover PCSX2 uses just 2 cores, or 3 if the MTVU speedhack is enabled. So 4 intel cores are perfect. Anyway AMD is cheaper so you can buy a 6 core FX for more or less the same price of a Core i3 (2 cores + HT) so with the MTVU you can have similar performances (when MTVU works I think FX performances are higher than i3 ones) at similar price. An FX-6xxx makes sense because it has 3 modules and you have the highest performances when you use 3 core of 3 different modules, an FX-8xxx has another modules that is not used by PCSX2, while FX-4xxx have just 2 modules so lower performances than an FX-6xxx. And finally why someone should buy a Bulldozer FX while now there are Piledriver FX that are quite better (more power at same frequency + more frequency + lower power consumption)?
If the decision is between an FX-83xx and a Core i5, in PCSX2 the i5 will be surely better. If the decision is between an i3 and a FX-6300 then also the FX can give nice performances.

Edit: hmmm...that post has been deleted.
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SSE5 will offer nothing to PCSX2. Just because a new technology comes out it doesn't mean advantage to everything. The only upcoming instruction set that would (possibly) give a slight boost would be AVX2 and that only in software mode.
Those particular games are rather easy to run well.
If they are all of what you care to run well, less would easily do.

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