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A PCSX2 modifying project?
I saw this emulation news:

Does anyone know what type of changes is he making to PCSX2?

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dumb ones? lol Laugh
he's converting interpreter instructions to asm and intrinsics.
these instructions aren't even used except for testing (recompilers are used instead).

also interpreters should be kept simple as possible imo, to clearly make sure they're working.
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Yeah it's pretty much sad when there are revisions for changing the texts and logs from e.g. emulog.txt to valdanx_emulog.txt Tongue
I like the way he also stole the icon and just stuck his name on it too Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I can see speed up's everywhere in those logs, and that sounds fast.
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I fetched and compiled it.
I only got FFX to work, 3 other of my test games wouldn't even boot.
With lots of those hacks enabled, it was like 5% faster in FFX than PCSX2 proper.

So yea, it's a for fun project of his. He prolly knows how badly he breaks everything (I hope) Tongue2
The only two things I noticed that worked was the massive slowdown when enabling the GS64 'tweak' and a miraculous happyness in my ears that the sound played back in extreme speed tweaking downward the 'framerate limit' or whatever it's supposed todo.

Otherwise it's just a lot of clicks doing nothing else than bugging around. But atleast my three test cases actually started.
this sounds like the other one all over again with a different name
Well at least it is openly said "a modified pcsx2 emulator" so hes not taking any credit for the source as the source is open for people to use.

Now however much of a fail the program is, at least its an honest attempt.
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yurihyuga: Well actually he is taking some credit. I checked some of the diffs, and he's posting his name all over the startup screens and whatnot. In one revision he added a file, which has the exact same GPL header as all the official PCSX2 source, even says copyright PCSX2 Dev Team. Which it clearly isn't because its his own work, and, more importantly, not the work of the actual dev team. I'm no GPL expert, but I don't think he can do that under the GPL. I know the code is free to use and distribute, but he can't put the dev team's signature on something that I don't think.
at least this is much better than some other modded version I seen which fixes various games does not run in original with hacks and also adds some removed features like EE cyclerate x3 hack as well as integrated some cheat codes like NexXxus's FF10 widescreen patch into the program but keep the modified sources secret (I can tell they are violating the GPL intendly, as once I talked to them about the issue but only got some rather unpleasant replies).

(no I'm not talking about the lame "xtreme rebirth" hack or whatever like that.)

as for the copyright notice, I think it's just the guy doesn't understand the license stuff very well rather than trying to do something lame.

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