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A few questions about hardware, rev, and drivers
Hi pscx2 forums!! I <3 thee. First post here but not new.

I have a few questions that are just easier to ask.. first of all, I'm using r3881. I realize its in beta but it does seem to go a little slower then r3113. Ill be re-downloading 3113 tonight after seeing someone else mention certain slowdowns too. So with that, is there a more stable or recommended build other then 3113? How about 1881 in comparison?

Another question I have is regarding radeon catalyst control center. I'm using a xfx radeon 4870 xxx 1 gig and it feels like I should be getting more fps then I am. Its oc'd and running at 49c. Do any of the catalyst control 3d properties effect anything in pcsx2? Say I change the slider to performance over quality(Ive done this, didn't seen any change). Are there any other options that might effect pcsx2 that I should be aware of?

And last question(s)... Given my specs, should I be able to play most games with minimal speed hacks at either playable speeds or full speed? Or am I gonna need an upgrade? I see the 6850 was just released, priced at 179! mmmm..
Amd athlonx2 64 2.8 ghz oc'd to 3.1 running at 39c
xfx radeon 4870xxx 1 gig 49c
4 gigs corsair ram
windows xp atm ( just uninstalled 7 to see if I could get more outa xp)
Ill go back to 7 if someone says theres a pcsx2 performance increase?
I also have access to both xp 64 and win7 64. Would there be any performance gain outa those?



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Well there will still be many games that will be brutally slow such as Zone of the Enders 2 or MGS3 however yeah you should get away with minimal/no speedhacks on a lot of the playable 3D games. From what I know an investment in a GPU solely for pcsx2 might not be the first thing to mind (unless you have a rather large monitor and you want to up the resolution) as pcsx2 is very CPU intensive. So don't expect a big performance increase just a greater ability to play more games not at native res and 1920x1080+.

If you find the games you want to play are perfectly running in native but not at manual resolution then yes upgrade the GPU in short.

The question about the beta versions I think somebody else will know more about that.
CPU: i9 20Ghz 40-core
GPU: GTX 129000 in Octo-SLI
Monitor: 800x600 15" CRT
The quality sliders do nothing for PCSX2 / GSdx.
Any speed issues you may get are caused by your CPU not being fast enough for that game.

Note that there are games that even the best computer you can buy today wouldn't play at full speed.
That answers the question about the sliders. Thanks. I played with a few different revs last night. Had some stuttering sound and movies in final fantasy 12 using r3878. Switched to r1888 and it cleared that up. Dragon quest 8 is still slow, playable, but slow. I havent used any of the speed hacks in r1888. I need to play with it more too really see how it'll run. Once I got ff12 up I pretty much spent the rest of the night playing it Wink

So what could be causing such a difference between r1888 and r3878/3113? I'm assuming one of the plugins? Is there a recommended video/audio plugin that might help r3878/3113? Or anyone experience this find a fix for ff12 using one of the newer revs?
PCSX2 used more hacks and "best guess" code in r1888.
It's therefore faster in some games but also a lot more prone
to crashing or emulation faults that cause a game to become unplayable.
I am seeing graphics tearing in ff12 that wasn't there in r3113. Its not unplayable and less of an annoyance then stuttering fmv's. As for the crashing.. yeah, I see it crashes a lot lol.

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