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A question about PPSSPP - no music?

I've been dabbling a bit with this emulator on my PC, I can get a couple of my games to play, but while there's sound there's no music. I believe one has to install Sonicstage (is this correct?) to have music, I've done this but still nothing. Any ideas? If this is in the wrong place, or if this has been answered before, please point me in the right direction. Kind thanks!

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no still they not implemented music in the some games sound working but no video & audio in cutscenes.
no use of installing sonic stage untill they release a stable version with working audio & music.
btw u can try this build with working audio & music>>>>>
however it is working only with some games & some have issues with it.
u can look into the comments section for latest builds with bug fixes & improvements.
if u'r game x is not into the list,u can request the author of these builds by commenting there.first u have to signup there.
my name is Preet53 there.hope to see u soon !!
Thanks Preet! Guess I'll have to wait, emulator looks very promising. Cheers man!
Yes.far better than jpcsp,compatibility growing day by day cheers Smile
wouldn't it be better to ask those questions on the emulator's forum itself instead of here? Smile you will get a more better answer, since they created it.
StriFe79 - that's a fair question, thing is I find their forums a bit cumbersome and messy, but yeah I should post there. Guess I like this place too much!
Yeah good advice strife,but i already joined that forum Wink
ultimately it comes down to reverse engineering the proprietary sound format, something not yet accomplished. ff1 anniversary is not the same without music. and us linux users and like some love too, as jpcsp needs sonicstage (doesnt work in wine) and ppsspp is not yet mature.
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now not sure if it's a fake, but there is also a PS Vita emulator in the making.
(05-06-2013, 04:51 PM)StriFe79 Wrote: now not sure if it's a fake, but there is also a PS Vita emulator in the making.
It is Tongue2 (covers head)

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