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AMD Bulldozer !!!
hi guys

as i read incoming Bulldozer CPUs from AMD have Great Specs Like 8MB for Both l2 & l3 cache & ...

WIll they be Better than Sandybridge ?
what will be intel's Answer for it ?

When i say Better , i mean better in all things

Handling Crossfire , OCing Well , data Transfer , multi tasking , Naturaly Fast & ...

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Oh god,you and your annoying questions..... moving to hardware discussion, where it should be.
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i <3 refraction (in a non gay way, like how a owner loves his pet) Laugh

WIll they be Better than Sandybridge ?
only in operations that can use up to 6 cores, otherwise core for core sandybridge should be on par with bulldozer
thats all good n all, buuuuuuuuut;

what will be intel's Answer for it ?
intel have ivy bridge processors coming which should offer superior overclockability and ppw, as well as Socket 2011 sandy bridge e processors that will have up to 16 threads and 15MB cache (or more)

the best way to handle crossfire is to ritual kill your ati cards and put cards in that don't constantly have driver problems esulting in blurr or hard crashes. i suggest a S3 Trio 64v+
And the user rejoices "they" are trying so hard to improve their products... One should never wish for a monopoly control (unless that one is the tycoon there, and even so, would just be shortsighted) Smile
Imagination is where we are truly real
I think no one Wants/Likes me Here ! right ? all of you find my Questions so Stupid Just like i am Crazy guy ! huh ?

WHy ?
Lack of ability to make decisions and think for yourself is my biggest gripe. Not to mention the 1001 questions you ask...
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i wouldn't say that...... just expand your mind a little and make decisions based on your own research, rather than following the crowds whims.
I cant Understand , which part of my Question was ....

I asked DIfferente Questions , any One Asks ! & this SIte has been made for Answering ! so if you cant answer then why are u working here ????

U answer all other questions but when it Comes to me , you Say : its the Same Crap again ! dont pay attantion ! I realy Dont know where to ask my Questions !
For a start i dont WORK here, i come here out of my own free will.

secondly you completely missed the point. We dont mind answering questions people have, its the fact you alone have so many of them about every little detail without making any decisions for yourself. you want everybody to decide on every single detail on the machine you might get at some point, however it might be obsolete by the time you've finished asking all the questions about it.

If i was to make a comparison, you are like the kid that asks a question then responds with "why?" to every answer, its frustrating.

Please, show us you are at least slightly capable of making your own decisions and decide something about your computer to be without having to ask us!! A simple browse of reviews on the web of both sides of your decision should be enough for you to come up with a solution.
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^ Well if that doesn't say it all. Laugh

I say we end this thread like a TV Show!

Announcer Wrote:Will Active8 make a decision on his own? Can he discover the truth behind "which is better"? Is there still hope for a brighter future?

Find out next time, on "Active8's Many Threads"!

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