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[ASK] CDVDplugin+virtual Drive vs direct CDVD+ISO
I don't know where to post something like this but off topic are off topic so I'll ask

Just wondering
if I use CDVD plugin like CDVDGigaherz to load my virtual drive will it be different than if I use internal ISO Loader or plugin iso loader like Linuziso?

it because I have some case
where internal ISO loader and Linuziso cannot load my ISO file
(its generate error when i try to run the emulator)

but when I use my ALCOHOL virtual drive to mount the iso
and try to play it with CDVDGigaherz its running fine

well... I got bullied when I post (in some forum) my round way to do thing because in their computer this not happen (using the very same ISO) Angry
and want someone to tell me more about this (so I can bully them back Laugh )

here some screen shot of the error


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haha.Its not a good idea to load mounted ISO's you know...its a mess..
I'm inactive on this, dedicating most of my time to osu!
no help for downloaded games.
read the rules.
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