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About PSU
Hi.I wanted to ask if anyone knows.On my Power suply unit there is writen 12V1 =14Amp and 12V2 =8Amp. So does that means to find out Amp of 12V coil you need to sum both V1 and V2 ?

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Not that simple. It depends on the way the rails are supplied. There are two main reasons for two or more rails (in the 12V in this case).
One is the UL standard that states no more than 240W shall be continuously supplied in one wire. Another is the regulator prices grow fast with it's "potency capacity", let's say 2 low power regulators are cheaper than one high power able.

Because of it many manufacturers adopted the multi rail solution, customarily one going to feed the whole mainboard and other to the video card. Others manufacturers defied the UL standard and provided high potency mono rail PSUs, like Corsair for example. The advantage of the monorail being the load balance is not a problem but in multirail it is fundamental and not always can be achieved.

In your case the PSU is too low for almost all new rigs over there. None the rails will be able to feed mainstream+ video cards, let alone top video cards plus the all the whole system. It is so even if the rails were summed in one point what they aren't.

edited: I'm not sure even if two rails can be applied to the same video card.
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Got Antec CP-1000 which has 12V1,2,3 and 4. I have my videocard oon V3 and V4. V2 is empty and V1 the other things in the comp Smile .

What about hd4670. Not really sure is there a difrence betwen duble and one 12V? Power losses?

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