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Again another linux help thread
Hey guys!
sry for making another linux help thread but the other was closed by mod and couldn't just post a new reply.
anyway,my problem is that now i want with the startup of my (K)ubuntu to auto mount an ntfs partition.i managed to get the UUID but i don't know exactly what to put is fstab.i just have an idea like:

UUID=(letters and numbers) ...............
what's next?
i think it's (name of partition) ntfs-3g defaults 0...

anyone that can help me is welcome

thanks in advance

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I'd say
/dev/UUID /mnt/your_mountpoint ntfs-3g defaults 0 0

(make sure the packagentfs-3g is installed, though)

this time I won't close it Wink
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Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
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Hum if you use UUID it is more like
UUID=... /mnt/your_mountpoint ntfs-3g defaults 0 0
The other way is /dev/partition_device_name (for example /dev/sdb1)

You can test it by manually doing a mount or open the disk in a file browser.

Note: If it is not done by default use "defaults,auto" instead of "defaults"
Okay guys,thanks for your quick replys but i'm newbie at linux and now i got confused a bit.... Smile

well u see this is what my fstab has by default
UUID=39220181-092d-4ece-be83-d821c1af8956 / ext4 defaults 0 1
UUID=158a5186-8cd9-4ae6-8406-ddf046e2aad8 /home ext4 defaults 0 2
UUID=23070744-6a5d-4975-aaed-68e3a20dbd3d swap swap sw 0 0

so i got some questions.......1st of all what is this /dev/ and /mnt/your_mountpoint ???

i think that your_mountpoint should be something like / or /home or /usr etc...
am i right?
don't know if this helps but this partition i want to be auto-mounted is partition that was created from win7 and it's used for saving things only. it's not a system partition or something so i don't how should i write it in fstab

again sry for beign noob at linux Laugh
just by adding a line...
create a directory. Let's say md /mnt/win7.
then mount your ntfs partition into it using the given command above( /win7 is your mountpoint)
writing the command into fstab will automatically mount it each time you boot

and btw, /dev is the directory that lists all your physical devices (printers, disks, usb devices, etc...)
CPU : I7 2600K Oc'ed @ 4.2Ghz
Mobo : Intel P67 southbridge
GPU : NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti
RAM : 6 Go
To decode a little more the previous message.

Use mkdir command instead of md (alias of the command ?). This command create a directory.

And you must give a full path for the mountpoint so in previous example the mountpoint is /mnt/win7 (/win7 is in another place)

The formal syntax is: UUID=.... 0 0

Note the ending 0 0 is to disable the fs check that occured some time at the startup. (man fstab)

YES!!! At last it mounted on boot !!! Thanks guys and sry for not answering but didn't have enough free time.
Enjoy your reputation point Smile
Well linux guys of this forum i need your advice once again.... Laugh
currently my Kubuntu boots in 27-30 sec after i press enter to choose it in grub...i would like to install a fastest linux distro.i've read that arch & slackware are really fast especially at boot times but i don't think i can config/use them correctly.i need something as user friendly as ubuntu,that uses KDE,has a lot of packages in it's repo and of course it boots in 20 sec or is there a distro like that?
The easy solution and really efficient, change your computer Smile or buy an SDD (probably save 10seconds or more) Wink

No need to change your distribution, if you gain 1second will be lucky.

Anyway basic tuning you can do: check that /bin/sh is link to /bin/dash and check /etc/init.d script at start in parallel (normally already done). Maybe you can upgrade your kubuntu.

The last things is disabled the service you do not use.
well thanks for the info...i don't have much money to buy an ssd or to change my pc (and there is no need cauz it has 2 gb ram,intel core2quad q9300 & ge-force 9600 gt 1gb).
my kubuntu is 10.04 so it can't be upgraded.well thanks for the info.i will try what u said and post the results here.

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