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Another Problem :((
As you can see I'm using now a Pcsx2 0.9.7 but take a look at this picture below

[Image: fknnk8.jpg]

But i put the iso Correctly why is this happen to me


please help me

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what game?
(10-31-2010, 03:56 AM)Saiki Wrote: what game?

Gears of War xD
It's a weapon. It's REALLY powerful, ESPECIALLY against living things.
i can't see the whole event in the console window....take the whole screenshot of the console window.
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Sigh.. Shot in the wild that'll work anyway:

Unmount your .iso file from deamon tools.
Select the game.iso from PCSX2's "CDVD > Iso Selector".
Do "System > Boot CDVD (fast)".

Problem fixed.
@rama: i do that many times but same Sad

@saiki: Naruto:Uzumaki ninden

@tall Bender: Maybe Latter Laugh
It's either a bad rip, or you stole the game by using torrents; the hoster was corrupted.


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