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Any recommendations for a new build?
So, im putting together a new rig, kinda thought to spit over the whole budget thing and sell my old PC's.

It's coming along like this:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA790XT (With CrossfireX)
Ram: 4 Gigs of AMD Entertainment 1600 Mhz DDR3
GPU: 2 HD 4890's in Crossfire
PSU: Corsair GS700 (700W)
CPU: ?

So here's the real kicker, what kind of CPU would You advise, guys?

The Motherboard supports AM3 CPU's, up till 6 cores, and i'm looking for the very limit of the performance, so i dont have to upgrade for the next few years, although i might be looking to settle within the price limit of 160-200 USD.

Also, some people advised me on increasing the RAM quantity to 8 Gigs, any ideas on that?

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Going for AMD these days is a little pointless if youre going for the limit. Intel processors have far exceeded AMD in terms of performance and the price/performance gap that used to exist no longer really does.

Im sure you can get an Intel board with Crossfire support (most have both these days tbh..)

But my recommendation would be getting yourself an ivybridge cpu. Also any reason youre using a Directx 10.1 card? . Youd be better off with DirectX 11 cards if you want it to last.
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As i said, my friend. Im going for the end of this Motherboard, because i got a decent motherboard for 50 USD.

I dont care if the top performance comes from i7 3980x or i5 2500k, the point is - i want to upgrade to the max that an AM3 motherboard supports.

The reason why im using two Dx 10.1 cards is because it costed me 3 times less to get the performance of 6970 or GTX 560.

I mean, sorry, but the years when i was looking for the newest hardware out there are over. I had my fun spending cash on the newest tech, it lasted me for years, but now that i come to think of it - it was pointless. I got the same outcome by just buying a bit older hardware.

There's no point in it for me to buy Ivybridge CPU or LGA 1155 Motherboard, GTX 680 Nvidia or 7970 Radeon, because to me - there are more important things that i have to save up on.

So the real question is - which one is possibly the best CPU for AM3 motherboards within the price range of 160-200 USD.
Whatever Bulldozer architecture AMD offers at that price point.
For 200 bucks you can quite likely get the highest end one now.
It'll be nearly as fast as a 5 year old Intel chip, too Tongue2


Make sure to overclock it though, it should run at some 4.0Ghz or so for current gen games.
Would You rather go for Bulldozer or Phenom II?

I'm still having a hard time figuring if i should go for Phenom II x6 or FX 8xxx
What makes it even harder is the fact that it says that the motherboard supports up to 6 cores, anyone able to clarify it for me?
You should go to gigabyte support site, if it says so (which it should) then yes it does support one. You may need to update the BIOS though.
Well, sadly, it's a AM3 motherboard, which means that the skies are the limit, in which case the skies for this motherboard is Phenom II x6 1100T, although, it seems that there's not much difference between 1100T and FX-8150.

So, should i settle for a 1100T or would a 1045T do just fine?

The Difference between those is about 100 USD, with the 1045T coming for 160 USD, but 1100T going for 260 USD.
I think one of them is an unlocked processor, the other not. This is important if you plan on overclocking.
At 2.7Ghz the 1045T would be pretty slow in anything that doesn't use much threading (which is and will stay to be most software).

Edit: Try to find the CPU of your choice on this chart. It nicely shows what to expect at what clock speed.
(05-06-2012, 11:20 PM)Lyricist Wrote: Would You rather go for Bulldozer or Phenom II?

Phenom II.
Especially if PCSX2 will be used.
Alright, that's settled, then. Going for Phenom II x6 1100T. Going to buy that from the local shop, i suppose. Dont see any shops that could outdo the price of 260 USD. (taking in mind that it also has to be shipped.)

Last question, truly. Any truth on if i should stick to 4 Gigs of Ram or should i get 8 gigs?
The ram is actually kinda cheap around here, though. 29 USD for Brand New Ram, 4 Gigs of 1600 Mhz DDR3.

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