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Apple Red Ex PS2 Modchip
I haven't tried hooking the modchip up yet but when i hook the wires up on the v9 motherboard it all comes undone after hookup. I was wondering witch is the easie'st way of hooking up a ps2 modchip? Do i hook all the wires up on the board or directly to the actual modchip first?

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When you say "hook the wires up " what exactly do you mean? Huh

I assume you understand you need to solder the wires onto the board. Unless your chip was specified as being a siolderless type, which should eb built in such a way that you just screw it down and certain leads off the chip touch the portion of the bord they need to be on.

Blink I just thought....I hope this isn't under the classification of warez...
no i can't get to the via soldering hools on the back of the board, but i tried every method and nothing seems like its working on my red apple modchip and i know i have the actual chip in my room, except when i hook up some of the wires my v9 ps2 unit, it works but with nothing shown up on the screen, every modchip i get i have no problem solder the wires to my main board, but when it comes to the point with something im not doing right, i have a friend who can help me but he's kinda of not to deph about ps2's or anything, but he said he would do it for me i guess, I have no other way of hooking up my own chip wether i baught it from somewhere els or what not........ please anyone could help me alot easier, because i have a disibility and i love to work with actual computer hardware and software dev....... please somebody reply thank you and have a wonderfull day, i hope i will to

Nicholas Hebert

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