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Armored Core 3
i saw armored core 3 at the compatibility list so i think it will work
can some1 tell me if i can play this game in

1.5g ram
amd athlon x64 2ghz dual core
Nvidia GeForce 9300 gs 500 mb (approx memory = 1g)
thank you very much

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It will probably work but your system is pretty slow for PCSX2. You will get pretty low speeds.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
well i dont know the game but you might get 40 fbs or lower ( depending on the game ) but use some speed hacks
frame skkiping in gs native in gsdx and that is all what you can do with the program to make on high speed
you can overlock youre cpu to get more speed ( wich is a litile bit dangerous)

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