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Asus N51TP
I hope the post is right here. 

I have the following problem,and I want to buy a products in this mode:
Since last Saturday, my Mac Mini has become extremely slow. He is consumption determined 30 minutes before he started up. May, if he is ready then it takes forever to open, I mis a program. even off the screen saver out he need 10 min. 

I still have a windows laptop. The two are on the same network. I moved a file from the Internet on the laptop down and on an external hard flap (which is connected to the Mac). 
After that was a virus on the laptop and he did not even start. 

Can it be that the virus is also on the Mac? 
How do I get down there if only safari open an hour lasts? 
What else can this be? 

I hope you can help me fast

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Epic google translate fail lol.

It could be something installed on the laptop causing problems. Without knowing what you really mean i couldn't say for sure.
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This reminds me of my old company I worked at. Our department have to write everything in English, but most employees in other departments use Google to translate these things. Simple sentences are easy to understand, but in most cases, they nudge and ask us: "Hey, what did you write?" Laugh

Sure I'm not good at understanding Google translate, but let me guess:
  1. Your Mac Mini become extremely slow recently.
  2. You also have a Windows laptop.
  3. Your Windows laptop got a virus and it did not boot anymore.
  4. You don't know if the virus that infected your Windows laptop was from the Mac one.
  5. You want to buy a new laptop battery/akku - one of the few Deutschland words I know.

Mac viruses cannot infect Windows and vice-versa. But I still cannot understand how the virus thing is related to the battery thing so I cannot answer.
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fun fact here. i translated "backwards" to a kinda "propper" deutsch and forward again and it doesn't even translate into that. typo bad german into google and you get worse english. Laugh

based on the name i guess he's a german company partner from asia?!? Biggrin
Fun fact. Macs don't get viruses/ However they did receive a virus like 2 years ago and it made national news but other than that special case Macs are virus free.
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