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Batman: Arkham Asylum
If you love games, comics books, Batman, or cake, get this game!

I pre-ordered it for PS3 (hooray playing as The Joker and the skeleton level!) and it's pretty much one of the most awesome games I've ever played. All the villains are just as sick and twisted as they are in the comics (and they included Harley Quinn!), and the whole game has a spot on Batman feel to it.

If anyone remembers the Batman animated series from the 90s, they got many of the voice actors from that series to do their respective characters in the game. All the voice acting is super top notch. Kevin Conroy still has the perfect Batman voice, Arleen Sorkin is the sexily crazy Harley Quinn, and Mark Hamill will ALWAYS be the voice of the Joker to me whenever I see him in a cartoon or a video game.

Oh, I also climbed up to 35th place out of SEVERAL thousand on the leaderboards for the first brawl challenge mode as The Joker last night!
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