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Best Controller for use with this emulator?
After an assortment of woes involving getting my PS3 controller to work on my two machines (One is running Vista, the other, Windows 7 64 bit) consistently, I've started to consider just getting a different controller, and I was wondering what would be the best option.

Any ideas? Something similar to the PS2/PS3 controller would be best, I think... something that comes with PC drivers.

The Xbox 360 controller (the wired ones anyway) should work just fine with the PC but I think it might be awkward to play certain games (R.A.D. comes to mind, although its not a great example) with the joysticks set up differently...


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I like my Logitech Rumblepad 2 for PSX/PS2 games.

There's been similar threads before, maybe search a little Tongue2
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PS3/PC Wireless RF-Pad from Big Ben Interactive. Best 30 Euros i ever invested in a gamepad.

Works for PS3 and PC (theres a switch on the usb-dongle to change the system).

gamepad is installed automatically under win7 64bit, no manual driver installation needed.

Rumble doesn't work on PC.... i can live with that... i think there are some universal drivers on the french website that should work with rumble.

Cant say if its better or worse than an original ps3-pad, since i dont have a ps3 nor a ps3-gamepad, but i'm very pleased with it.
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Logitech Rumblepad 2 changed my life.
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Cordless pads? Really? Why does everyone love them so very much?

And are the joysticks (the thumbsticks) up to the standards expected by the programmers of PS2/3 games?

I had bad experiences with madcatz controllers in my childhood and I *STILL* haven't gotten over it Tongue.
I'm using an official (wired) Sony DualShock2 gamepad with a PS2-To-USB adapter that also supports rumble.

It also supports up to Two Pressure Sensitive buttons at a time, and you can select witch ones you want to be active within the Gamepad Adapter's Driver.
These aere the buttons you can select from for that feature; there's 2 drop-down boxes for them:
X, Circle, Square, Triangle, L1, L2, R1, R2.

Now, I haven't tried activating the pressure sensitive button feature Within PCSX2 yet (I'll mess with it when I get around to playing Star Ocean), so I can't say for sure if it's 100% compatible on that front, but all the standard buttons & Two Analog Sticks & Rumble work great.

Here's a link to one place where it's still being sold:

Here's a link to the Driver Page:

Look for: "PC039 Super Joy Box 5 pro"
There's two entries for it, spaced apart.
One entry is for the Windows Vista / Windows 7 Driver.
The other entry is for the Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP Driver

Now, if only I could find a good GameCube Controller to USB Adapter, I'd be all set for Dolphin, but I digress... XD
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I'm using an Madcatz Xbox 360 controller, it's pretty sweet and only $20.

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