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Best/cheapest ivy bridge (intel 3rd gen) laptop?
I'm looking at MSI g-series... looks pretty awesome, but just a bit over budget :x

Can anyone recommend an ivy bridge processor laptop that would work well with pcsx2 and gaming in general?

MSI GE70 is $1299... I'm hoping for something around $1000, maybe even a little less...

Thanks in advance!

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If you're going for Ivy Bridge with expectations of it surpassing Sandy by a good margin, then I suggest you skip over the i7-3600QM processors at this time. They're clockrates seem to put them right around the i7-2700QM units' performance.

The i7-3700QM have a nice step up in the clockrate,
so that's the first mobile Ivy i7 I'd be considering.
You could probably get a pretty sweet Sandy setup for less,
with virtually the same performance.
Ah... I guess it's back to the drawing board.

What's a good laptop with a high performance processor and gpu, but any size monitor + disk space... $700~1000 (preferably on the low end)?
Starting with the cheapest i7 w/ dedicated GPU:

You probably should go with that last one...

Pretty amazing laptop, pretty nice price.
That laptop sucks for that price.
The GT 610M is a weak graphics unit, dude. ;P
There is not one answer and you'll have to decide.
Before I start I just want to say that most of the deal links are from my site, just you to know.

1. Lenovo Y570 with an I5-2430M and GT 555M - I know the I5 is a little slow, but you do get good laptop (build quality and so on) with an above-the-average screen. 700$
and you can also take the I7-2670QM version they sell now for 750$ or so.
review - from notebookcheck.

2. probably better, performance-wise, is to take the HP *some edition* for 650$ with Radeon 7690M, 8GB DDR3 and 750GB HDD and I5 - and you have the FullHD option OR you can just buy a 100$ SSD and make your laptop much more funkier.
reviews for the dv6t quad edition on LaptopMag were good.

3. 850$ for GT 650M and I7-3610M, 8GB DDR3 memory and 750GB HDD (and all the rest)
You got the FullHD option also, for 150$.

4. The Clevo based Sager on XoticPC (that's the cheapest I've found) - GT 650M, Intel I5, 8GB DDR3 and FullHD display for 900$ (~872$ cash).
It should be pretty good especially because of the screen although I don't know if they put there their good screen (which is great).

As far as I've searched, I didn't find better deals. You CAN find more deals in the range of 700$-1000$ with GT 640M / GT 555M / HD 7690M and I5 or I7 but niether seem to be better.

About the GT 650M - remember it's at least 20-30% faster than the GT 555M
Wow, that HP laptop is looking pretty good, junky.

But is there any negs/warnings about I7-3610M, GT 650M, or HP in general?

Also, how would it perform with pcsx2?
Well, I think the new Ivy Bridge gets a bit warmer
GT 650M isn't in the pinned benchmark post... could it get 60 fps with pcsx2?

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