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Best pc case EVER!
i was luriking the evga forums, and found this.... i laughed for a good 15 min, but i swear its pure genius. i will also post the thread for people, i think you might need to make a evga account, but he shows pictures of making it.

anyone else thinking what i am...
completely pure.... win?
[Image: 1816969.png]

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Well the concept of a lego case does sound kickass, but what about the cooling inside the case? It the cooling sucks i rather have my cosmos case.
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If you have decent fan placement, cooling shouldn't be an issue. Or just use water cooling. That's a pretty amazing use of LEGOs, though!
LOL, that's awesome, hahahaha.
I don't really like lego cases.

If you want to see some VERY nice looking cases, go check ocforums. They have a thread dedicated to cases, and some of the members have some insanely nice cases.
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Best one I've seen is a handcrafted one from pine wood.

Don't have a picture of it, lost it in my last HDD crash Sad But it was beautiful.
i made a pc case out of cardboard once, it was pretty epic. (i made it cuz the pc case i ordered arrived after the hardware parts, and i didn't want to wait xD)

i think i might want to make a lego case in the future; the cool thing is that you can make it 'fit' your mobo and stuff, so that you don't have to cram everything in an already-built case.
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I once drew a PC case on paper. Tongue
(04-05-2009, 05:01 PM)redlof Wrote: I once drew a PC case on paper. Tongue
wow Laugh (i wonder how it would hold the pc parts Tongue)
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NinjaMight just work on next guideNinja
That's awesome and all, but i have to agree with cream. I've seen some pretty awesome cases, and that by far is high on my list for awesomeness, I'm just not that into the idea of lego cases, and of course you know that guy had alot of free time on his hands to do that. xD
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