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Best plugin for PCSX2 0.9.8 emulator?
Hi, just got a ps2 emulator working, but still lagging with games like GTA 3 and Ratchet and Clank series. Does anyone know the best plugins or config for my computer?

Dell Inspiron N5010
Windows 7 Home Premium
Processor: Inter ® Core ™ i5 CPU M460 @ 2.53GHz (4CPUs)
Ram: 6GB
System Type: 64-bit operating system

I don't know the name of my graphics card, but all my comp says is Intel® HD Graphics, with 1.6G RAM
Display mode of 1360x768 (32-bit; 60Hz- Default laptop screen resolution settings)
Moniter: Generic PnP Monitor

I'm just trying to stop the lag from the GTA series, which plays at half-speed (30fps), they're all NTSC games, copied ISOs from my own ps2 game collection, so normal speed is (60fps). Please help with the plugins, thanks.

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(06-13-2011, 05:40 AM)LifeisReal Wrote: I don't know the name of my graphics card, but all my comp says is Intel® HD Graphics, with 1.6G RAM

This would be your biggest problem.

You will inevitably see limitations with that, and lowering the resolution one of the best things you could do to help it. Try native resolution and some Speedhacks. Most games will not achieve full speed, though.
or maybe try lower resolution than native ( which is 512x512 ) just don't lose hope Smile
You could try even as low as 384x384, like Saiki suggests here.
Thanks guys, but i couldn't change the GSDX configurations, i don't know how to access them yet. I just click on Config, and configure the GS to either DX 9 (hardware) or something else. I'm still guessing on what works and what doesn't.

So far, using Null(NULL) would bring up GTA3 to 40fps, but the screen is frozen, but i can hear the guy running around. Then changed back to DX 9 (hardware) would give me the visual of where the man went. And that 1300x700 was my laptop screen resolution, and the pcsx2 emulator plays at 640x448 screen resolution.

I can only configure the BIOS plugins at this time, and nothing else would speed up the game. I'll post a list of working plugins and modifications that fixes this in the future. Thanks for the help everyone.

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Null means zero(0) it just doesn't bother rendering anything that's why you have "speedup". :d And if by not rendering ANYTHING you get just 40fps consider if it's really a speed you wish to play an action game.

To enter custom resolution as suggested you just need to enter GSdx settings(by clickling "configure" in the screen you made above), below the option to change between DX9 hardware, null etc. what you seem to know how to change already, you have "D3D internal resolution" then uncheck native, choose "custom" under "or use scalling" and type that resolution from suggestions above.
In here:     where I have 1960x1080 enter 384x384 as suggested before and try running with it. Edit: if it's grayed out, uncheck "native".

Even if you get a bit of speedup, the game will look horrible, soo be ready that. Practically if you have any PS1 or even SNES games they would look better on their emulators than trying to run GTA3 on this setup.
It's not about hope or wishes, integrated graphic chips are made for office, movies and eventually older pc games not really for "gaming". Even the completely useless amount of memory it has which can feel "pro" for green people, most likely is taken from your system ram which is generally slow. It could probably run GTA3 pc version easily with decent graphics, but don't expect same from emulation. Heh, it just doesn't work that way.
Why not try using Direct3D 10 Software mode?
Yea, i remember reading about getting improved graphics cards, cuz the laptops are not meant for emulators, but PCs (large desktop computers) work better. I made the resolution smaller, and tried all kinds of Direct 3D, but i have only 9 n 10 as my options, and none made it better. I still get 20 fps, but i'm still looking around for different plugins.

I know now my laptop may not run the emulation at full speed, but it was worth a go for trying old games. THanks for the help, i'll keep trying new things.

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