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Boost Pcsx2 performance
Hello i thought it would be a great idea to create a topic that would help some pcsx2 users with Excl SLOW Excl computers
First of all i would like to introduce you the software we are gonna use(none of these overclocks you system).
1st: price:free
2nd: price:free
3rd: price:free

To start with you will have to download and install them Tongue
To continiue you will have to open Gbooster and select advanced mode then select what you want it to close and click BOOST
continue a couple of seconds and you will be ok.

Next you will have to run game booster.
then click costumize
select all of the services(actually they are already selected Laugh ) click next
select the non window services you want to close then next
Now click Show Current User's All Processes and select what you want to close BUT ExclDONT SELECT GBOOST OR THE GAMEBOOSTERExcl
then next and CLICK ON GO!

Download the run.bat file and place it at the pcsx2 folder.
Now run the 3rd program you downloaded (3DAnalyze)
Click Select and go at the directory of pcsx2 now at the file type it has as a default the executable files change it and select Batch files.
As you can see the run.bat is now visible just select it now you can freely choose some of the settings(this will make the game to look a bit worse but at least it will work faster).
(next time you will run 3DAnalyze again the settings will be as you had them last time)
select the game you want
AND BEHOLLD the game is ready

I used to run crash&the titans at 38-40 fps and now it runs at 43-45 Blush

if the attachment isnt working go at pcsx2 folder and create a new note
open it and write
start name*
for name use the pcsx2.exe name for me it is "pcsx2-r3878.exe"
save and rename it to run.bat

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is that safe nor it's looks risky????
doing this has a significant chance of damaging the hardware more likely is the mobo upon using that 3rd party software
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well to the best of my knowledge they 2 first apps close useles services and things like that i dont think closing services is dangerous(at least it wont damage the hardware).
About the 3Danalyze it makes your hardware to have less things to do
(if you remove anything) so you computer will have to work with less textures and will be faster (i use them for months and nothing happened)
the fist two almost does the same thing and the speed you will gain are not really high may 1-2% speed increase if your lucky and the third one is only useful if you have a crappy GFX card so if you have a HD5670 or hd 5770 or maybe even just a 9600gt this will be insignificant and not really needed to be used
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Those stuff don't work on today's computers. Heck, even a P4 wouldn't benefit much. Expect 0 - 2% gain if it does work... A computer can only be as fast as its slowest hardware, you can't magically make it work faster unless you overclock it.
There are lots of computers where it does make a difference, not everyone has a clean/tweaked OS running and lots of people install whatever crap appears on screen Tongue2
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Quote:Hello i thought it would be a great idea to create a topic that would help some pcsx2 users with SLOW computers
I SAID FOR REALLY SLOW COMPS at least for me it works.And yes the first one and the second do almost the same thing
And overclocking is dangerous
Only dangerous if you don't know what you're doing, CPUs nowadays are even made so they overclock automatically at some conditions...
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
well i know how to overclock but...
i am afraid of overclocking
Overclocking is nothing to be afraid of. as long as you dont go "overclocking, awsome!!! Im gonna push my 2Ghz chip to 10Ghz!!!!!" as you will be severely dissapointed.

As long as you have a reasonable motherboard in your computer, it will have loads of failsafes in there, so if the overclock is unstable (which will happen way before you kill it) it will refuse to boot with the current overclock and revert it to defaults.

One rule with overclocking that will save your hardware :- Don't touch the voltage unless you need to, if you do, dont go more than 0.1v above its rated voltage!

To give you an example of how easy it can be to overclock, my i7 (at 2.66ghz) goes up to 3.4Ghz without changing anything but the Bus Clock and slowing the memory down, i didn't need to change any voltages and it is 100% stable and good temperatures.
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