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Budget Build #2 *lga755 oldschool
[Image: Capture009.jpg]
Super duper budget computer!
This is before a gfx card or hdd. (I have plenty hdd's)
Laugh! what yall think?
I plan on a stock fan oc of 3.4ghz at least which would make ffxII playable i think Laugh

::edit another build with gpu
[Image: Capture015.jpg]

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Your Bargain-Fu is weak.

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(07-30-2011, 02:43 AM)natt Wrote: Your Bargain-Fu is weak.

can u oc that sandy?
(07-30-2011, 03:07 AM)ecchiless Wrote: can u oc that sandy?

FSB only, which is good for 5-10% at most. But it starts out a decent bit faster than the E5700:

G620 vs E7500

(Note that the E7500 is slightly slower clock but faster bus than E5700, so about the same)

And even if there wasn't that G620 deal on sale, buying a new machine with a 5 year old, 2 generation old architecture (core 2) isn't such a great idea.

If you want a budget overclockable at the moment the best deal is probably a phenom II BE, as the cheapest overclockable sandy bridge is the 2500k.
How about we use some relevant benchmarks. Tongue

The C2D build still has a bit of an edge in the price vs performance catagory. That G620 would most likely come out right by the E5700 @ 3.4Ghz.

PCSX2 CPU Benchmarks Wrote:52.03 FPS - SLUS 20672 - Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5700 - 3.5 GHz OC - Secret Dragoon

Right off the bat, the C2D has the potential to OC even higher, making it better for PCSX2 right now.

In the future, the best the SB is looking at would be at stock. We'll say a stock i5-2500 (or a i7-2600 for another $100, but just an extra 100Mhz). For example purposes, here's an i5-2500K at stock:

PCSX2 CPU Benchmarks Wrote:69.72 FPS - SLUS 20672 - Intel Core i5 2500K - 3.3 GHz Stock (Turbo Boost on) - Rezard

And the highest Core 2 Duo would be:

PCSX2 CPU Benchmarks Wrote:63.49 FPS - SLUS 20672 - Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 - 4.12 GHz OC - rama

Now, obviously the i5 comes out on top, but this really isn't by that much. Especially when you stop and think how much money you just spent... Wink

Sandy Bridge is great for two things:
  • If you're going all out, and overclocking.
  • If you would not be overclocking ever. This comes hand-in-hand with an H61 or H67 motherboard.

If you will overclock, but not have the $300+ to spend on the CPU and motherboard alone, you will find a better "bang for your buck" in the way of slightly older tech.

BTW - We're still discussing a 300 dollar max build, right? Because we know there's no real Budget Sandy Bridge OC...
(07-30-2011, 04:30 AM)Rezard Wrote: How about we use some relevant benchmarks. Tongue

So every benchmark that's not PCSX2 is irrelevant? Of course, since OP has split his one question of "what computer should I buy" into 5 different threads over less than a week, perhaps he did state that he was only interested in PCSX2 performance somewhere else and I missed it or forgot it. In this thread he does mention FFXII, but I wouldn't assume that's the only thing he's doing with his computer.

You're running a bit of a risky game; no name power supplies tend to explode when you look at them cross-eyed (the build I posted has one too; I think it's unavoidable at the $200 price range), and even if everything works fine, if your chip happens to have low headroom, you won't get the speed you were hoping for and your price/performance ratio will be shot. You're also buying something with no future upgrade potential, where as a sandy bridge mobo could take an ivy bridge cpu in the future.

But at $200, perhaps none of that matters. One thing's for sure though: get a cheaper case.
whats your gpu? i know i base my psu on what gpu i'm getting. (or already have.)
(07-30-2011, 04:14 AM)natt Wrote:
(07-30-2011, 03:07 AM)ecchiless Wrote: can u oc that sandy?

FSB only, which is good for 5-10% at most. But it starts out a decent bit faster than the E5700:

It's 5% at best, 10% would be a high risk... not really a good thing.

I wouldn't consider a dual core sandy bridge unless it's certain that the user will not overclock, I'm also pretty happy with my cheapo E5400 build Tongue2
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
I'd go with natt's build for sure.
It may get 5% less FPS than a fully overclocked Wolfdale in PCSX2 but everywhere else the newer architecture is better.
If it's about architecture then I'd go with a Clarkdale i3 or Pentium G6950 instead... can be overclocked nicely, has better default clocks and it's still better architecture than wolfdale... sandy bridge dual core can not be overclocked and it's only 2.6Ghz without even being able to get help from turbo, the limitation is way too much when you could get something better by a small overclock in the older architecture...
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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