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[Bug Report] Elvandia Story [NTSC-J]
[Bug Report] Elvandia Story [NTSC-J]

# PCSX2 version: Tested on 1888, 2256 and 2410
# CPU options: EErec on,mVU and legacy VU tested, MTGS on
# Plugins used: GSdx 0.1.15 2190 and 2406 (hardware and software, dx9), SPU2-X and spu2ghz
# Description: Game will boot to black screen and not load. In 0.9.4 would actually boot and play audio, but not output graphics in hardware or software of GSdx.

A broader search of this bug led me to a post by a former mod of the PCSX2 section on ngemu:

Godwin {March 2008} Wrote:Audio but no video output.

The game plays audio and can press start and O (to skip text) to the point where you have control, but the screen is black.

IPU1 TIE isn't properly emulated and is rarely used by games.

Elvandia Story and any other game that uses IPU1 TIE to do video.

So the game needs IPU1 TIE implemented or some sort of hack to output video to the GS.

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