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[Bug Report] Galerians: Ash - No in-game text [SLUS-20560] [NTSC]
Game CRC =B506C936
I tried everything but can't seem to get any text to show up ingame, so I'm trying to figure out what part of pcsx2 is breaking it, I tried gsdx both hardware & software and skipdraw settings, zzogl, zerogs all produce no text, I tried different clamp and round modes with no results

This game is only at menu status, but with recent builds it gets in-game, so its progressing just need to figure out the text issue.

I'm using the latest svn build and plugins.

let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

(the little black box at bottom of screen should show text)

[Image: ePWbB.jpg]

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Have you tried using super instead of microvu? Also it might be worth playing with round modes and clamping.

Failing that you can fiddle with the game fixes section, ee timing hack specifically worth trying Tongue2
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yeah tried supervu also tried interpreter mode for vu0 vu1 and IOP, sometimes when the IOP is set to interpreter mode it will show a white rectangle around where the text should be but that's about it (maybe its an IOP issue?), also set as many round and clamp modes I could come up with and set the gamefixes one at a time nothing helped :\

setting the emotion engine to interpreter gets the game 0.00 fps so will take me awhile to test that Smile
Yeah its a touch slower Tongue2 have a play with the gamefixes too, one might sort it
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nope, tried every gamefix with every clamp and round mode still no text :X ...
what a strange problem Tongue2

I could post a small block dump if any devs want to take a look.
does anyone figured out what's causing the text not to be displayed? it's impossible to solve the puzzles, someone?
Please open your own thread posting all relevant informations. This includes at least problems, settings and specs.

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