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[Bug Report] Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
I have the same issue as posted in Issue 1094 ( --> black screen after intro.

I found out if you run the game without memory cards (both slots empty) the game doesnt even show the intro -->black screen, fps still running. It looks like tomb raider tries to access the memory card(s) and doesn't get back what its expecting ...

Im using r4962 and the PAL-E version of Tomb Raider AOD (SLES-51227)

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But where. It leads to an Error 404. Tongue2
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Its quite possible this game needs a complicated skip videos patch, which you are free to try Tongue the EU version seems to work to an extent.
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oops, link update :

This is a strange behavior because the game doesnt arrive the step to load the intro when both memory cards slots are empty. When you insert 2 formated memory cards the intro is loading ...

I guess tomb raider is checking for memory cards before loading the intro (as usual in the tomb raider series).

You could use a patch to skip the intro, but this doesnt solve the problem when memory cards slots are empty


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