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[Bug Report] XI5 [NTSC]
# PCSX2 version: Official Beta r3113
# CPU options: All defaults
# Plugins used: GSdx 3068 SSSE3 0.1.16(Direct3D9 hardware), SPU2-X r3117
# Description:

hello. i am impressed that the last beta version r3113 has been much improved. thanks to all of developers. (Fatal Frame 2 and 3 now works)

i have a game called XI5 dice rolling game.
when i start the game, pcsx2 crashs immediatly. (capture 1, 2)
but i can enter the main menu by checking "Diable all GS output" option in emulation settings. when it sounds, the screen can be displayed by unchecking it again.
now, i can select the menu. but when i select any menu, it hangs with background music playing.

i attached the screen captures.

p.s : i'm sorry for my bad english...

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