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[Bug report] Tekken 5: Devil within [NTSC U/C]
PCSX2 ver.: anything above 1039 (sorry, just noticed it..)
graphics plugin: GSdx 1076 SSSE3
no speedhacks

I had just finished the main part of Tekken 5, and was going to play Devil Within to unlock the final character (devil Jin) when I noticed the game would not load, upon hitting "devil within" it simply goes to a black screen and freezes

quick note, not related to the bug: Idle skip breaks this game (in speedhacks is noted to have no ill effects)

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you can unlock D-Jin if you defeat many battleships in the Teeken 5 loading minigame shooter. But you have to unlock all characters before that... or that`s how it worked on me.
you can do it with story mode too, I unlocked Devil-Jin with aska, but I still wanted to play through devil within, I haven't done that yet
The PAL version of the Devil Within mode works perfectly, so I assume this bug no longer appears in NTSC U version either. If someone can confirm we can move this report.

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