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Built-in Recorder Problems
Yo guys,

I meet some problems with recording my gameplay on PCSX 2 0.9.8.

Usually I record my gameplay with FRAPS (to record on dolphin 3.0) but when I use FRAPS with PCSX 2 the resolution drop from 1080p to native resolution.

I learned on this forum that we can use a build-in recorder using F12. So I press F12, choose the folder, file name, codec, but the only thing I can find into the folder is an audio WAVE file!

Where is the video file? Can someone explain me what to do?

PS: my PC config i7 2600k 3,40GHz, Radeon HD 6870 1Go, RAM 4Go 1600Hz, Win 7 64bit

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If you use the default key for recording in fraps (F9) PCSX2 switches to software mode in GSdx when you press that key, either change the key for recording in fraps or use the internal recording feature in GSdx with the F12 key.
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Oh great!!!

That was the problem, I used F9 to record with FRAPS, thanks a lot !!!!

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