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Can I use openMosix to run faster pcsx2 0.98

Can I use computers in cluster to run PCSX2 0.98
with openMosix or kerrighed ??


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No. Just no.
[Image: 8rg00e-4.png]
Pcsx 2 0.98 is'nt a Parallel architectures?
Because "No,just no", is'nt a answer.

I guess it's complicated architecture of the PCSX2.
Some processes is in parallel, others series (small parallel processes are in a large serie process).
I don 'know, I am newbie

Somewhere I heard 3 core.

"No, just no" pretty much conclusively sums it up.
No,maybe the best answer was because network connection quality is a main limiting factor.
That's why I can use it,I guess.

You have 16.6ms to render a frame if you want 60FPS. Round trip on a LAN is probably going to longer than that.
tcp minimum latency is 20ms
udp is 5ish
multiply that by the amount of machines used.....
fiber optic ???

If you are using fiber optics you could reduce this latency, but you must find the right cable. it can be very expensive with the appropriate technology.(OTN-X3M-2500)

For the general public, the latency is not mentioned, but for the industry, i found:

Practical application: on an optical fiber with index 1.5 and maximum length 6000 km (maximum for a G.655 fiber), the latency will be purely optical 6000 / (299800 / 1.5) = 30 ms, which will added latency associated with processing circuits at both ends.

Round trip latency for TCP on a 100 Mbps Switch is ~ 1ms. (Real world - measured performance)

multiply that by the amount of machines used.....

Most real world distributed apps use overlapped (scatter/gather) communications, not sequential. So this is not really applicable.

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