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Can anybody help me find a Bauldurs Gate: dark alliance rom? please
Hi, ive been trying to play bauldurs gate dark alliance recently but my ps2 power cord is messed up and i cant turn the Playstation on. I downloaded the emulator and went through a bunch of tutorials on configuring it but i cant seem to fing a working download for a rom of dark alliance. I tried to put the disk into my computer but i think it is too scratched up or something, when i put it in it says it cannot be read. Can anybody help me out?

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This forum does not support piracytalk so you will receive no links or recommendations for websites.
You do own the disc so it is legal for you to do so though.
Have you tried ripping the iso with a different dvdplayer?
[Image: 1454055.png]
The game is not playable anyway, so nothing lost there.
Keep our forum rules in mind: Absolutely no warez (downloading games or the BIOS) talk here.

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