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Can my computer reliably run PCSX2? (Specs inside)
So can anyone give me an answer to the question?

[Image: USpAThX.png]

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my country is forbidden to see this pic Sad

It'll run some of the easier to run games, 2d ones, Kingdom Hearts, FFX. It'll struggle on the more demanding though especially with the inbuilt graphics.


To see the pic btw, just copy it in to your browser or click and add a space after it (anti hotlinking thing)
Well does anyone have any tips on what I can do to help games run faster in general? What settings I should tweak?
@abdo123 same -.- also @Trotterwatch that did not work for me...

Try re-posting the image on one of the sites...

Well your system specs. are not that bad - what games were you hoping to run?
although it's a SB it's clock ( or Speed ) is pretty low ( 2.1GHz ) considering there is not Turbo Sad

not to mention the internal GPU Sad

not much of chances you got there what games do you own ?
Your PC is basically a budget laptop for word processing and web browsing. No and no for both PC gaming and emulation. Hm... it can run some 2D games however.
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Livy dont be mean - I'm sure he could run Doom at full speed ^_^

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