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Can someone help me with KH on pcsx2 ?
hey guys
I tried KH1 today on the pcsx2
when the movie start at the beginning of the game there is some pics at the borders =(
also ...
can someone tell me how to configure the control pad ??
I really don't know how to control the game with the keyboard lol .

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For the borders I think they'll play fine in software mode (F9 while playing, can return to hardware later with F9 again).

For the keyboard binding, dunno... set whatever you're comfortable with on Lilypad or SSSPSX pad controller plugins.
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ok thanks =)
but I don't think I'm going to be comfortable with keyboard >.<
With the money you saved not buying a PS2 go buy an xbox controller =p I use it for pcsx2 and dolphin.
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lol I have ps2 but I prefer playing on computer
BTW I didn't buy this computer for playing -.-

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