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Cant save game persona 4 (PLAY STATION 2)
Hey guys i really like playing Persona whether its 3 or 4..

so lets go straight to the point..


whenever i tried saving the game it say something like..

"Memory card is not inserted in slot 1" something like that..

at first i thought it was the cd problem but when i go to the store and request a new cd the same thing still happened..

so a couple of week later( man this is turned out to be like a story - -) i tried buying persona 3..

but the same thing also happened i tried inserting and taking it out repeatedly from the slot but the same thing still happen

i also tried switching it to slot 2 and change it back to slot 1

and..........i tried to hold it tightly cause maybe its not well...inserted correctly but i still cant save...(please note that this process took 1 hour and 13 minute)

so i was hoping if you guys could help it the memory card??

oh and this is about my pcsx2 and my memory card in ps2 both my pcsx2 and my ps2 cant save persona 4/3 why is that?? is the the memory card problem?(PS2) is it my pcsx2?(PCSX2)
P.S:im sorry for such a bad english since im from malaysia

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