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Cheating with Free McBoot and ESR
Is there a homebrew solution? Trying to cheat in ESR patched DOA2 disc

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(09-19-2012, 01:48 AM)synce Wrote: Is there a homebrew solution? Trying to cheat in ESR patched DOA2 disc
I don't think there is a fully home brewed method for doing this, since the only fully home brewed cheat engine that I'm aware of is "Cosmic Cheats" aka "CC", and that one seems to be 'allergic' to the ESR driver. The console just locks up whenever I launch CC with an ESR driver active.

There are some 'liberated' commercial cheat engine ELFs, such as CodeBreaker and SwapMagic_3.8, which can be used with uLE (uLaunchELF) and home brewed game launchers like OPL (Open PS2 Loader) and CodeBreaker can also be used with ESR. In doing so it is best to activate the ESR driver after returning to uLE, after selecting cheats in CodeBreaker, then launch the ESR disc (or just its main ELF) from uLE.

However, if you are using a slim PS2 you must have NO USB devices connected when running CodeBreaker, as it will freeze if you do. And on the latest models (SCPH-900xx) I don't think it can be used at all...

Another important consideration is that you are only permitted to use such commercial ELFs if you already legally own them. In other words, you must have bought the corresponding original CodeBreaker or SwapMagic retail discs (like I have, in case anyone wonders).

Best regards: dlanor
How about idea if it works with ESR
(09-22-2012, 12:53 PM)vsub Wrote: How about idea if it works with ESR
I tested it today and it does work. But you have to start PS2RD first, and have the ESR driver ELF (same as used by FMCB) entered in the BOOT2 section of "ps2rd.conf", specifying the full ELF path. And that configuration file as well as the "cheats.txt" file must reside in the same folder as "ps2rd.elf" is launched from.

I created a folder on MC named "PS2RD" and put all three of those files in it, and used the "New Icon" command of uLE to give that folder a proper icon definition too, so it will be recognized as valid by all MC tools (incl. Sony's). Then I launched that PS2RD ELF from the main menu of uLE.

Once PS2RD had initialized I used the D-pad RIGHT button to select the ESR elf for launching, after which I used the D-pad DOWN button to step to the needed cheat entry (from cheats.txt), and finally I pushed the X button to tell PS2RD to start the game (done via the previously selected ESR.ELF).

Once the game was running I loaded a gamesave and tested that the cheats worked as intended. I'd added some Gamepad-controlled cheats for Max money and varied screen rendering in "FFX Int. (KO) /ID SLPM_675.13".

Since both PS2RD and ESR are using memory areas that might conflict with some games, it is to be expected that a few games will fail to work properly with this cheat method, but the same can be said about any cheat engine.

If you care to test the same game as I did (guaranteed to work), you can use the same "cheats.txt" that I used, attached to this post.

For that game this file holds four cheats, activated only when you press specific gamepad combos.

L3+Square => Your amount of Gil is set to 999,999,999
L3+Cross => Set normal Screen rendering
L3+Circle => Set 16:9 aspect ratio, by increasing horizontal FOV
L3+Triangle => Set 16:9 aspect ratio, increasing FOV both vertically and Horizontally

The screen rendering does not change immediately, but only when you exit into a new area (either from another or from a hut), and inside tight areas (like huts) this scaled rendering is not used, but only the original.

In posting the above earlier I forgot to add one more thing you need to edit in the "ps2rd.conf" file. In its "debugger:" section you should change the original entry "install = true;" to "install = false;" as the debugger is not needed for cheating and is very likely to conflict with homebrew drivers like ESR. (It is known to conflict with OPL.)

Best regards: dlanor

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