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Codebreaker!?! How do i transfer its system save data on my ps2?
Hello everyone.

Go ahead and get comfortable, strap in, because we are about to go through a ***** storm.

Ive been fidgeting around with codebreaker this past couple of days. Codebreaker works great in pcsx2 0.9.7. so there is no real issue there Smile

The issue is DAY1 files.

Now if you are not familiar with day1 files then ill tell you the scoop.
A day1 file holds a entire games cheat archive. Now, instead of adding cheats by hand, one by one. You simply download a day1 file and upload to a flash drive, open it in codebreaker and then Boom your in the money. All those cheats are loaded without the pain in your fingers from entering them manually.

now PCsx2 does not support USB. So there is no way to hook up a flash drive and upload your day1 file. So any chance of using day1 files on Pcsx2 is out.

So I go my second route and use my own old as hell original brick ps2. Not only that but I actually have a hard copy of Codebreaker so I dust off the old ps2.. "literally" and see if I can transfer the Codebreaker system file from the ps2 to a flash drive.

But I cant. under memory management in codebreaker where it would normally allow you to transfer game saves to a flash drive it lists all the games but not the codebreaker save.

But under ps2 default memory manager (nodisc) It shows the codebreaker save.I only have one ps2 memory card, I would see if i could copy the codebreaker data from one memory card to the other VIA "ps2 nodisc" then see if codebreaker file shows up on the other card under the codebreaker memory manager.

Im thinking it has to use the codebreaker save to run so that is the reason it doesnt show the save on the list.. but if i copied it to a different memory card it would show.

So if you have a ps2 and codebreaker and 2 memory cards.. can you try this out for me?

people.. im determined to get this figured out.. .. for one Im unemployed and i have alot of time on my hands and another.. I cant stand having a problem unsolved..

Thanks for sticking with me, kinda long post

Let me know your ideas

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First off try this.
Start pcsx2 and codebreaker,then delete couple of games and save.After that restart pcsx2,load codebreaker and see if the deleted game are still there or it's missing.

When you delete a game and save,code breaker creates a file in the memory card that contains all of the codes of the games that are not deleted(he will use that file from now on,not the database).
If you see those games that you delete=>then save=>restart pcsx2=>and start codebreaker again,then you're doomed.
your not making any sense. When you delete a code it overwrites the save . It doesn't create a new save.

I have been screwing around with it and i don't think there is a way to download the Codebreaker Save file from the PS2

I dont really care about the PCSX2 because you cant update the DAY1 files using PCSX2.

My priority is copying the Codebreaker save from MY ps2 and transferring it to PCSX2.

I have Codebreaker Ver. 9 and Ver 10

maybe you have a different version so it makes a separate file.

So I guess the Questions is

Is there a way to Copy the Codebreaker save from the Ps2?
I know what I'm talking about and I can do what you are asking but I don't want to unplug my ps2 hdd right now(yes you can export the PCB folder(the "Codebreaker save" )from real PS2 card and then put it into pcsx2 card).

What I told you to do is to check if there will be any point on doing that.

From the start you don't have a file with codes into your PS2 memory card(the codes are integrated into the cb elf file).The file is created AFTER you do some change to the data base(add new codes or delete a game from the list).Since you can't delete/add codes from/to the elf,a file with the remaining codes is created to your memory card and when you start code breaker,if he see that there is a file named cheats(I think that was the name),cb don't start loading the codes that are integrated into the elf but from that file.
I understand.

I'm not saying you don't know what your talking about Vsub. Smile

So lets lube her up, were ***** this cat and you can hold the tail.

So I start Codebreaker up, Delete a couple of games, It automatically saves, I restart, The games I deleted are no longer in codebreaker.
So, The games I deleted are no longer there.

I understand it reads the cheats from the elf and that any edits, new codes, ect ,ect are saved to the memory card.

so whats next? how do I actually copy the save? Because that save has all new codes that I add correct? So if i do day1 on my regular ps2 I can transfer the save to pcsx2 and have all the codes that I added on My PS2.
(06-25-2010, 09:45 PM)Malebolge Wrote: It automatically saves
It doesn't automatically save,it ask you if you want to save when you exit the game list by pressing start.
(06-25-2010, 09:45 PM)Malebolge Wrote: So if i do day1 on my regular ps2 I can transfer the save to pcsx2 and have all the codes that I added on My PS2.
Did you tried what I told you(delete a game=>then press start and save when it ask you if you want to save=>then restart pcsx2=>load codebreaker again and the deleted game is gone from the game/code list)
You can transfer the save but you won't know if this will work until you try what I told you to try.
(06-25-2010, 09:45 PM)Malebolge Wrote: so whats next? how do I actually copy the save?
To be able to do that you must have a way to run homebrews/backups.
Can you run them?
(06-25-2010, 09:45 PM)Malebolge Wrote: Because that save has all new codes that I add correct?
No,it doesn't have only the codes that you added.The file contains all of the remaining codes(that you didn't delete and those that you added...or in other words,if you don't delete any game,it will create file around 1.4mb or more on your memory card and if you add more codes,it will become even bigger)

Edit:I just tried it on pcsx2(start cb,delete some games,save and when I started cb again the deleted games were missing(and I had 1.24mb file on the memory card).So now you just need a way to run homebrews/backups

thanks for the help.

Well, I cant run homebrew on the ps2. Im sure i could if I put the time into it but Im not willing to invest that much time just for DAY1 files.

Guess with my current hardware I wont be able to transfer the file. If a USB plugin ever comes out for PCSX2 then the problem will be solved Smile
why not just use the already integrated pnach system?
theres also a program that someone made in the software section for easy ways to make the files.
hardest part now is to just find the codes then copy pasta.
[Image: 1816969.png]
That my friend is a good Question


Why do people use codebreaker instead of the Pnach?

well, I can only give my reasons. They are not even good ones. Smile

I don't even know what a pnach is really. I know its a patch file but thats about it. my common sense tells me its kinda like a .ini file. you put the codes in the .pnatch file and pcsx2 reconizes it as a patch and applies the codes you set inside it.

Atleast I think it works this way.

If it does work that way, and I think it does. Please correct me if im wrong

The downside of that is I have to either know the codes or look them up. then I have to make the file.

Its alot easyer to load an iso and pick the codes out of a list.

Now if my assumptions about the pnach system is wrong I apologize for being a ignorant bastard.

I dont have time to look it up but I promise when I get time ill delve into it and see if its a viable option for a lazy bum like me.
Not wrong, not right. Both, the external patcher (like codebreaker among others) and the internal cheat system actually reads it's database and apply the chosen patches to specifics game's memory addresses.

From the early versions the most modern external patchers are able to do a bit more, like controlling flux, loops, joker commands and so on. They too now bent to use encrypted codes in a pitful attempt to "protect their properties" instead 'raw' actually working data.

The cheater system inside PCSX2 works similarly, you can look at it the same way. It takes the data from it's own database, namely pnach files with proper structure. Not all functionalities (read special codes normally beginning with digits others than 0 or 2 (hex)) are implemented in to the internal cheat system albeit the most common are, yet the "master code" is unnecessary for the most if not all working codes it can deal.

Besides, codebreaker as any other external patcher must rely it will find the exact environment as the real console... here I'm not enough acquainted with the PCSX2 entrails to grant it will always be.

The pnach system is reasonably functional comparing to these professional patcher, enough to satisfy most people (just don't forget that's not a PS2 thing). Since it uses the CRC to find the correct file becomes clear the code availability is equally dependent on the 'pnach files database AKA cheats folder' and since I don't know about a centralized group/person maintaining it, becomes the user's responsibility to update their own, share their finds... these things that makes the open source philosophy. Not really the first choice for lazy bums and leechers.

PS2 is already difficult to emulate, making PCSX2 play ps2 games is already a daunting task. One could expect, eventually, things like direct Internet access, USB facilities and others nice things to come up. Still one should not expect such a thing being done to satisfy a personal request.

USB access is another plugin but differently from the CDDVD, gamepad, video and sound, not a priority one albeit nice. It was attempted but for understandable reasons it seems to be abandoned by now.

Well, lets conclude this post, I spent more time writing it than the time I would spend to get, decrypt and make a few pnachs Smile ... Actually I could even find what I wanted already done and available here in the forum...
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