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Compaq Desktop wont leave start screen, cant get into BIOS or anything, need help
My fiance's coworker gave me a call and told me her computer wouldnt work.

I took a look and did some browsing on the web to find some data about it and couldnt find any straight forth answers.

The steps that I have taken:

Disconnect the power supply from everything, starting with the hard drive. Reconnected, nothing.

Took harddrive out and repaired it on my main PC,(it was buggy), and reinstalled it. Nothing.

Made a flash BIOS CD from the number i took off of the chip, inserted CD...wouldn't even read it.

I checked to see if everything was getting power, and if there had been any dust or burn damage, nothing.

Im not a professional tech, but I know my way around and computers. This has made me feel like a monkey looking at a rock, scratching my head...wondering what to do with it.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Understand most computer language, but if you are MR SMART GUY, and speak to me in code, I will reply in Klingon. Qatlho'! (TY)

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You would have to test each pc component to narrow down the cause and in order to do that you will need spare parts to test out which component is working and vice-versa. But it sounds like a motherboard issue if you can't even boot to the bios.
generally if the computer doesnt POST like that, it's generally waiting for a device to become ready. I would start by disconnecting the IDE/SATA connectors from the motherboard and try booting it. If you get further, plug the cd drive or the hard drive back in and see if it still boots.

One wierd one i had, it was hanging at that same screen and i got it to boot by ejecting the dvd drive, almost like it was attempting to read the disc and failing miserably.

Edit: Modified the thread title, be careful with long subjects as MyBB seems to freak out when adding RE: to the beginning if it's too long.
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Strip the system to just the PSU, Motherboard and CPU and see if it manages to POST. May need a single stick of RAM, its been a while so I'm not 100% sure. I would use RAM that is confirmed working. If nothing works, it may be the Motherboard or CPU. At that point you would have to try another CPU to truly know what is going on. Same thing if both work but it is the DVD drive etc.
You need ram else it'll just beep. Some form of graphics card too
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it's best to take it to a compaq service center
I have already faced this problem with my Sony laptop. I tried everything but my system couldn't boot .A small portion of your hard drive is affected or crashed due to some reason, but you can still recover your system. Although you cannot recover your data. Go to a computer repair center , he can solve your problem.
If it's a harddisk issue, you can recover your data by plugging the drive in to an external box on another computer. Of course depending on the fact the drive isnt completely knackered.
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