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Computer Discontinuity
I bought a DX4200-UB101A Gateway Computer not too long ago (a few months). But after a few weeks or so, the computer was no longer being sold, and was taken off the product pages of the Gateway Website (it's still in the support system).

After those weeks, they came out with a new DX Model that had nVIDIA Graphics instead of ATI, the nerve of Gateway!

I've also had no problems with Gateway machines--in fact, they were my favorites--until I bought this particular machine. The PS/2 Ports fried after about a month of use, and I can only use the USB Ports now for keyboard/mouse.

My grandmother was the one to buy me this machine though, but I have to slowly pay her off for it every month. So I await the day when I can get my own choice of computer rather than having to suddenly pick one off of the current moment, I was rushed because my grandmother was being stubborn and annoying as usual. But she only bought it because I was complaining about getting a new computer.


Now onto the good part, which is based on the reply by creamsoda or whatever that person's name was. Can anyone recommend me a good and cheapish (under 1000 USD) Desktop Computer that has good nVIDIA Graphics and a 3+ GHz Duo/Quad Processor?

Or am I just hoping for a dream? I want to have these specific specifications because I plan to run the PCSX2 Emulator, which currently doesn't run on my current DX4200-UB101A machine very well. Mind you, it'll take me close to 6-12 or so months to round up enough money to buy a computer that's more than 1000 USD on my own.

Quote:from Ubuntu Forums

Let me make sure I'm understanding you correctly...

You want a suggestion on a decent sub-$1K tower NOW that will still be valid a year from now when, hopefully, you've scraped together enough cash from babysitting or mowing lawns or whatever, to actually buy one?

No, I don't need it now, since I still have my PS2, but in the future.

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