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Concept: Gaming Mobile Phone (My Design)
Hello guys...

So, I was thinking about a good idea for a gaming mobile phone
I also think a keyboard is necessary so that should be included too

Also it must be powerful enough to play HD games/movies...etc

I like the shape of the Nokia N900 so that was also included into my design (a bit)

The specs are included (LOL)

[Image: conceptx.jpg]

Note: the design is old thats why the paper is yellowish + the CPU should be the latest available SnapDragon which is clocked @1.5GHz

Its not so accurate...i didnt put much effort+time on it

I like the idea...Also as you can see, the two-way slider was inspired by the Nokia N95

Lets me know what you think...Rolleyes
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does it have bluetooth ? Tongue

j/k. anyway, looks pretty cool, sell the concept, when you get rich on this, and you happen to do a discount somewhere, contact me cuz i don't think this would be cheap if it would get into production...also nokia <3
LOL bmate....Shame on me if i didnt give you one of these for free....hehe
My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - 500GB@7200RPMNinja

Its a pretty nice Idea ^^

But if i may i would like to add some suggestions:

First off all wouldnt it be a better idea to ditch the Keypad option ?
i think it would be a better idea since the screen seems to be 4" to split one half of the screen in a virtual keypad and the other one in the type area or even use writing recognition with a stylus.(The keypad would show up as soon you tilt the phone and tap the screen twice) (also more cost effective i think xD)

Second, as for storage if you plan on using a hdd i'd rather suggest using Flash memory (ssd) less power consumption and faster access times (i suppose you already tought of that ;p )

For HD playback i'd definetly add a Sigma Designs SMP8655 together with the snapdragon chip to decode any Media files without stressing the main cpu (even a 1.5ghz cpu can have the occasional stutter on 720p content)

Also a video out (Component ala-psp3000 or Micro-Hdmi out) to hook it up on a tv for media playback.

as for the Battery 1500mah seems to be pretty low in my opinion i'd rather go with a 1900 or even 2100mah battery (my HTC has a 1130 mah battery and even for that slow ass cpu (400mhz) it takes about 4 hours on full usage to drain the battery completely)

Yeah i know its just a Idea of yours and i like it, i just added a little of my opinion on the technical side of the Phone.

ALSO please have a Autofocus on your Camera xD (i Hate my HTC for not having autofocus :'( )

I just really hope that some day they will actually make something like this, because there certainly would be a market for this kind of phone
(d'ont talk about the N-gage and the failure it was it just was a piece of sh**)

Otherwise pretty nice design and hope to see more of this kind of ideas Wink
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@Imbapally thanks for your input

1- Considering the keypad, as i said its waaaaay better than the on screen keypad (after using the iphone and some windows mobile phones) the HW keypad always win...So thats staying.

2- The storage should be flash, since the SSD is huge compared to the size of mobile phones, also I meant the storage when i said HDD!

3- In the spec i included the Nvidia Tegra v2 which is a very powerful Mobile GPU so i think that will do.

4- Micro-Hdmi would be a GREAT addition...with up to 1080p o/p...Awesome!!

5- About the battery i believe your right, with these specs a 2100mah will be the way to go.

6- OF COURSE there will be an Autofocus...I cant use a camera without it LOL

And thanks aloooot for you reply...Peace
My rig: Malibal P150HM - Core i7-2760QM upto 3.5GHz - 8GB DDR3 @1600MHz - ATI 6990M 2GB GDDR5 - 500GB@7200RPMNinja

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