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Configrating emulator for best preformance with FF 12
Hi people. I have been trying to get the most from my PC while running FF 12. I got good frame rate in some areas, up to 60, but game slows down considerably in wide open areas, it goes down to 30-35 fps and it kinda spoils playing the game for me. My configuration is:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual processor
EAX 3650, 512mb ddr2 ATI graphic card
3gb ddr2 ram

If anybody has any advice on what settings in emulator should I use I would be grateful. The thing that I am most interested in is what speed hacks should I turn on and use.

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speed hacks x1.5 or 2 and if you overclock your cpu you will get better fps.
q6600 OC @ 3.3Ghz, 4gb ddr2 ram, nvidia gtx 260, 2x 1 tb hard disk
You have an AMD, and an ATI. Both of them are bottlenecking you, AMD is known to be worst than intel at the emulator itself, and ATIs are known, at least most of them mid-range old ones, to be worst than nvidia at GSDX, because Gabest doesn't have an ATI to test his plugin with. Best thing I can suggest, is to play with speedhacks. That, or playing it with your PS2, although I'm pretty sure you want HQ graphics...

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