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Convince me of getting a PS2
i have a fairly good PC rig, but thinking of PS2 too. its expensive here and there is no way to order online.

My last console was a NES, i loved it so much and still play it to this day.
i always wanted a PS2, mainly because of the lack of japanese games on PC.
i love PC games and enjoy them, but 99% of them has no real story or any type of creativity. its like they dont have a soul, so i forget about them quickly and dont bother replaying them. NES games on the other hand, i realy dont know how many times i replayed them. so much fun.

my only fear of the PS2 game is bad gameplay. turn based gameplay is awful.
however if the story is THAT good, i can cop with it. for example, i hate point and click games with a passion. but Machinaruim was a really artistic game, with really beautiful drawings, so i enjoyed it alot.

what do you think about this? the PS2 is 250$ here which is alot for me.

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Holy crap, 250$? Wow, well my advice would be to ebay it up and see if anyone near you has a preowned one they could sell for cheap.

I'm from England and luckily I have a PS2 I've had for years, I had to replace the laser though.

You could practically build a PS2 for $250 lmao
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its due to border issues Sad
Are you from South America? i've heard Sony just launched PS2 there Smile

I have 3 words for you: Metal Gear Solid.
It is simply the best game series ever. And 2 of them are on PS2. But i really advice to start from MSG1 on PS One. It is the spy game with movie-like story and action.
watch gameplay:

God of War 1&2 are the best slashers game ever. I am not into slashers, but it was really fun.
watch gameplay:

Persona games are also great JRPG. So many examples i can give you! It would be easy if you listed your favorite PC games and i think of something similar (and better) on PS2.

I think PS2 have the greates game library ever. PS3 is getting there with newly released exclusives. But PS2 still have exclusives MUST-PLAY games. If you did not play them you are not true gamer Smile
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My greatest Games ever are:

The Legacy of Kain series.
Zeno Clash.

Kage on the NES has a really special place in my heart.

those are the only memorable games i have. all the other games i played are good, and i enjoyed them alot, but i just forgot about them.
im a fan of Anime btw, due to the fact that animes like NGE and Rahxephon have great other worldy stories.
in short i always look for other worldy things. there are those games that you play like a dream, and you just dont forget about them.
huh? since 2 of those are released in 2009, i suggest to stick to PC for some time.
Obviously, there is a lot of great and greatest game you did not play there.

use this website for top games of all times:
use this for video and reviews of them:
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LOL man, here is an idea


By the way, where are you from?
In UAE/Dubai PS2s cost about 480AED (130$)
For 250 you can get an Xbox360 arcade...OR
Upgrade your CPU + Use PCSX2

(01-12-2010, 02:20 PM)GazaAli Wrote: there are those games that you play like a dream, and you just dont forget about them.

Maaaan, I cant agree more!!!
For me i cant forget some games like: FF series
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lol man, as soon as you said it this topic is doomed.
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just get some pc titles that you have heard are good; crysis,fallout,resident evil both 4 and 5,mirrors edge (such a great game), far cry 2 (almost a must play), left4dead 1 and 2 ,stalker all the 3 games worth your money,(well..last one is in russian but who cares there is a english patch workarround somewhere ^^),prince of persia the series (cant believe you havent played wont you?), warcraft 3 frozen throne, guitar hero aerosmith, the last one of wolverine origins (this game has a lotta of graphics),silent hill series,quake 4,call of duty modern warfare,prototype,and of course one of my favourites STREET FIGHTER 4 man,you gotta love that game ^^
Of course all of them are for pc,just to clarify
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$250 for a freakin' PS2?

Is that a tax on all incoming goods for sale, or just all shipped goods in general? $250 is entering the realm of "get someone to buy one for $70 and ship it to you" if that's legal.
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