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Custom Shaders for GSdx
(05-29-2017, 07:17 PM)guest.r Wrote: There are some of my shader ports here from the early days which is cool, but they add blur and harm small details.

Long while ago i developed some interesting deblur methodes and improved them lately so they became more useful.

I compared them with luma sharpen but i wasn't too satisfied with GSdx performance with both.

When i combined the "sharpening" i saw some nice results, a fine synergy.

Some notes:

- the shader is customized for 4x internal resolution, but you can edit it if you use different resolutions
- you can tweak deblur, luma sharpen and aa-offset if you want a different look

I really don't have linux installed so i made a DX only version.

Edit: new version with smart deblur, looks much nicer. You can disable it by uncommenting the "#define" in the shader.
        There is also an option for a "fast version", looks cool with lower internal resolutions like 2x or 3x, great deal faster also.

Edit2: fixed luma sharpen with fast version, looks better now.

Awesome shader. Tyvm

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Thanks for giving it a try.  Smile

I've made some more changes though (only good ones lol):

- aa offset and deblur range can be set separately
- gaussian aa added for games with lots of details/higher internal resolutions, more 'pixel friendly'

AA 4.o is better for cartoony games like DQ8 and for 2D stuff while gaussian does a cleaner job with games like FF.

Remember you can edit the shader...

Edit: new version (4.6.2017)

- better quality gaussian blur
- better fast version deblur, a bit slower though, better luma sharpen

New version (6.6.2017)

- nice bloom effect added
- small tweaks (7.6.2016)

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