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DBZ:BT3 PCSX2 Winning Clash on Keyboard
can anyone please teach me a config for DBZ BT3 winning a clash using a keyboard because i cant a buy a new joystick because sell them here now in the province and my little cousin just destroyed the oe i only have

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There are at least a few ways, using external script that will simply press around the keys bind to a keyboard fast enough, having mutated fingers who can do that on their own(playing at easy on which computer doesn't even try to win can be done using normal non mutated components), or using cheat which will make you always win it. Never tested the middle one, but for the first mentioned method I made myself a glovePIE script once and explained it a bit here(the script is in description, but needs to be edited on any other key config, my keys are i, j, k, l for left analog on keyboard). Currently I simply cheat couse mostly it's my 10yo nephew who plays that and even on pad he sucks too much(plus I don't wanna see another pad with broken analogs caused by heavy abuse of irritated kid). The cheat is among the others in here, but if you ask about story mode, then you would need to find it on your own, use the script or play on easy, couse each stage has it at different adress for the codes and I seriously not care about it much myself;3.

You could also probably bind analog to mouse, maybe the easiest, but imho that sucks, couse having all other keys on the keyboard means you keep both hands at it, switching to mouse and back maybe is not soo hard, but kind of well I just don't see myself making circle moves with the mouse in a fighting game lol.

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