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DP? What should I plug in those 2 holes at the back?
[Image: 53146021.jpg]

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you should consult w/ your user manual
laptop manual or mobo's user's manual
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(05-12-2012, 02:24 PM)tsunderetaiga Wrote:
thats a gpu right? what model?
DP must stand for Display Port and you may want to use it to connect additional displays.
You don't have to use them though, regular HDMI or DVI is fine.
When I saw the name of this thread, my mind leapt to another sort of "DP", and I was ready to alert the moderators.

Fortunately my paranoid, 4chan scarred mind was wrong.
the thread title is kind of confusing i agree with Ambient_Malice ( with the pluging and 2 holes thing Wink )

@OP :

using postimage just like me it is good man Laugh

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