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DS4Windows - J2K
Hi Jay,

Long time user and very grateful fan of DS4Windows!
I've found something quite interesting, I don't know if you've also noticed. Sony started releasing their new DS4 controllers, I picked one up. New controller is exactly identical except for the fact that it now includes a narrow lighbar line on the touchpad. Apparently, the new controller is now able to be used by directly plugging into the PS4, to reduce latency.
However I'm only using it for PC so big whoop haha.
HOWEVER, unlike my old DS4 controller, when I plug in this new one, something pops up in my windows sound devices options!
It's classified as a headset audio device and I can use the controller's audio jack for sound! Prayers answered? Not quite..
Unfortunately, when I run DS4W, the headset audio device is still present but fails to play any audio. I've tried enabling "use dinput only" but that doesn't work.
I know you don't much like how many times people have asked you about "sound through the controller" and how many times you've had to explain the reverse engineering is impossible. But does this new model changes things? Or are we at the same impasse? I don't know if there's any way you could change the driver to not interfere with the audio device.

Also a question to anyone out there,
When I'm using the Lillypad plugin and select dinput, I am able to set controls to Pad1. The dinput device shows up as "DX wireless controller" Unfortunately, once in game, despite the controller test still showing readings from input, and all the controls being set, there is no input in game. Of course, it works with DS4Windows and the Xinput device. But is there anyway to make this DS4 controller work without xinput? Because if possible I'd like to use the audio jack, and as I explained, xinput is disabling the audio (probably cause there's no headphone jack on an xbox controller?)

Once again thanks so much for your awesome software and thanks in advance for the reply! Smile

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I know this might be a dumb question (because this is called ds4 windows) but I always use this program for my ds4 controller but my friend has a ds3 controller, so I have to use other (less user-friendly) programs to emulate the controllers.
Is there maybe a possibility that there will come ds3 support because this is by far the best ds software for windows.
Hello, DS4Windows is awesome and works almost always perfectly however recently I encountered some problems with Mass Effect 1 while trying to get it working on my PC with controller. I know the game doesn't support controllers, but I found out that there are mods, which enables it and it should work. I got the mode, but the game for some reason doesn't recognize any input from my controller. I even tried to run it in with DS4 hidden so the controller only appears as Xbox 360, however didn't help either. Does anyone have some experience with ME, or other Origin games and DS4Windows? Apparently the game works fine with Xbox360 controller and I saw at least one person claiming that the game runs with his DS4Windows emulation as well, but I wasn't able to run it myself.
Hi, when finish using ds4 with pc via bluetooth, how to reconnect with ps4 again?
So anybody know what this is about? When i tried to uninstall the program it kept saying i don't have the right permissions ( even running thru godmode settings) and won't let me do a thing with the folder even under total admin access

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(02-17-2017, 01:26 PM)drizzydero Wrote: I NEED HELP!

1) Unpair the controller from Windows and re-pair to your PS4.  If that doesn't work...

2) Get a toothpick or small paperclip etc and push the little button on the back of your controller.
Hi I am hoping I can get some help here.

I have used the app for a while, but the last couple of days i have had some problems. The main thing is that my internet stops working when i connect my controller (PS4 controller) with Bluetooth.

Everything in windows says i am connected to the internet, ipconfig in cmd is normal, and wifi status is receiving and sending bytes as normal. But nothing has internet. I can't even connect to my router in the browser.

It starts almost immediately after i connect my controller with Bluetooth and running DS4Windows (running DS4Windows with usb cable doesn't do this). I have tried to reinstall drivers, and disabled and enabled in the device manager, resetting the controller, but nothing helps.

Anyone know what to do? I am fairly lost.

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