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Def Jam : Figh for NY gamecodes/games saves
Hi all,
Does any1 know how I can get the gamesave for DJ :FFNY to unlock all items.
I've downloaded the correct region gamesave from gamefaqs, but it does not unlock all items/fighter/venues/events,etc at the very start (nothing unlocked!!), though the save is receognised in the game (via, load a fighter profile, when choosing a single event or in story mode).
Anyone know what to do to get the save to unlock all items at the very start of the game/menu, or does anyone know of any game(shark) codes/panch file(??!) to unlock all items, or at least allow me infinate life in order to play thru story an unlock all that way without taking days/weeks to 100% complete. Please advise in detail how to apply this in PCSX2.

Thanks for you Help[/i]

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