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Devil Summoner 2 Need Help I am stuck in chapter 5
Dont know if this is a PCSX2 only bug so PLz Bear with me askin help to those who already played and finished this game so that I'll know what to do
after finishing the trials and getting the sword Youmetsutou from Victor after defeating Mikaboshi now I go to Sakuradayama where I am supposed to get a Cutscene with detective Kazama and Narumi when I approach them but instead I dont get anything all I get is Narumi talking about showing him Mottled Skin or walk away options and Kazama just talks the about the same thing No cutscenes did I do something wrong or are there something that I need to do first already used a Walkthrough but no luck
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that's an error on your part. I've beaten the game but I don't know what you've done so far, so I'll post about the end of chapter 5.

if you're already fought the appolyon, you need to talk to the guards it attacked to get a cage and the molted skin, after all of that and you open the gate you need to go to the agency if I'm not mistaken.

from the guide I used:
Quote:- Boss: Destroyer Apollyon -
> Null: All <

You cannot win this fight. He nulls everything including almighty.
Just wait until the battle ends automatically.

The bug will fly away and you'll be free to leave after some scenes involving
the Blonde Young Man, Narumi, and Detective Kazama.

Look at the body of the dead officer in front of you and check it out to
get the [Mottled Skin] which you will need. In the east section, you can find
two items on the ground, [Twig x1] and [Balm of Life x1].
On the stairs leading north into the Radio Tower, a [Yamiyo Sake x1].

Talk to Narumi and show him the Mottled Skin. He asks if you know someone
who knows all about monsters. Do we? Of course we do. Dr. Victor! Go to the
Gouma-Den to trigger a scene with him. And an alignment choice.

"Maybe so." +5 to Law.
"No, it isn't." +5 to Chaos.

After the scene, head to Shin-Sekai and talk to the Suited man and Blonde girl
to get some clues. Ginza-Cho, Tae, and a summoner...

- Ginza-Cho

Head to Ginza-Cho and look for Tae talking to someone at the east side, near
the stairs up to the overpass. It's Tae and Rasputin. Approaching them begins
a scene, and if Rasputin was the one held in Chapter 4 by the Fukoshi, and if
you answered "Fine." in that scene, he will give you [Element #115 x1].

Talk to Rasputin and tell him "That's right." Now you've gotta help get Tae to
actually speak to him. Talk to Tae now. You'll get some comedy choices as to
what Tae should tell Rasputin. It doesn't matter how you go about this.
Rasputin will tell you that the Shukukon-Seki is in a place called the
"Confinement Chambers."

Gouto knows about this and Rasputin suggests asking "your master in Shinoda."

- Shinoda Nameless Shrine

So, go to the Nameless Shrine and ask the Herald about it.

This is a long bout of Dark Realm crawling ahead of you, so get prepared
and then tell the Herald you're ready. First stop, Dark Harumi-Cho.

and after that arch: - Boss: Rebel God Mikaboshi -
> Frail: Ice, Force / Strong: Phys, Gun, Elec / Drain: Fire, Death <

This is one annoying fight. Mikaboshi teleports around a LOT. A lot.
More than the Pixies in the prologue. He is frail to Force and Ice.

His attacks include...
Hellfire, the strongest Fire spell.
Thunderbolt, the strongest Elec spell.
Tempest--the strongest Force spell.
Star's Funeral, which drops 3 lingering blobs into the middle of the arena
which stay there for a while and damage anything that touches them.
Mute Beam which will desummon your demons for the entire battle if it hits
them. Not cool at all. A boss in the first Raidou game used something very
similar to this in effect, but it's worse here in this fight.
A physical called Dissolution that affects an area around him. You can't
really guard for this because it comes out too fast.

His cut-in attack is called Demonic Star and is nasty, so make sure
you block it.

The only way to reliable damage him is to use Force or Ice attacks by hiding
your demons until he stops teleporting around and attacks, then unleashing
them and hoping they get a Frail stun in. If you aren't quick enough, he
will probably get his attack off and start teleporting before you can
even attack him. Be quick. The best way is to wait in the center for him
to stop teleporting, then roll towards him and let him have it, but do
watch out for the Mute Beam as it will quickly deplete your supply of demons
if you're not careful.

When you win, Mikaboshi asks you an alignment question...

"Yes." +5 to Law.
"No, I don't." +5 to Chaos.

He'll give you the Shukukon-Seki and disappear. If your current alignment
is either Neutral or Chaos, you can now fuse Skill Mikaboshi.
As Law, he will not be unlocked.

He also dropped Renki x1, which you will need to make a new sword real soon.

Talk to Great Kohryu on the 1st floor to obtain the [Thunder Taiko], which
allows you to call him on the world map and fly around. Now you can get to
those items that it seemed you couldn't get to before on the Capital and
Tsukigata maps. It also makes transportation to various places much easier!

Head to Tsukudo-Cho, and go speak with Victor at the Gouma-Den.
After the scene, with Renki as a base, make a Youmetsutou. This will require
10000 yen (twice as much on King Mode,), 1 Frost Bronze and 1 Pagan Bronze,
of which you should already have more than enough. Otherwise, fight low-mid
level Frost and Pagan demons for those crystals.

When Raidou enters a battle with Apollyon, he'll automatically equip this
Sword from now on. You'll have to manually equip your other weapon back

You now have what you need to fight Apollyon, but first, why not collect
some items with your new ability to fly around on Great Kohryu?
I already done those as I stated I already have made the sword to fight applyon and I also Used the same Guide followed everything but ended up with this problem I can already fly with that dragon too but still no fight with appolyon
My New PC
[Image: 1714419.png]
[Image: stargate_sg_1_stamp_by_OmegaDreamSeeker11.jpg]
Manage to fight appolyon after several retries from an old save state from chapter 4 must have been a bug with the new Beta or somethin cuz I did the exact same thing I did with the first time and ended up with the same problems 3 times before finally getting through with the cutscene and fighting appolyon
My New PC
[Image: 1714419.png]
[Image: stargate_sg_1_stamp_by_OmegaDreamSeeker11.jpg]

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